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Synagogue/Society Identification
Synagogue/Society ID: USA-00471
Synagogue/Society Name: Sons of Jacob Synagogue
Synagogue/Society Location
Country: USA
City: Waterloo
Street: 411 E Mitchell Ave
Synagogue/Society Details
Number of Memorials: 393
Number of Photographs: 393
Synagogue/Society Description:

Sons of Jacob Synagogue, 411 E Mitchell Ave, Waterloo, IA, USA, 393 plaques total.

Sons of Jacob Synagogue (SOJ),, the subject of an award-winning 2013 documentary,, was founded in Waterloo, IA in 1905. Naomi B McCormick and Erin Kaye Miller completed this database.

(Sons of Jacob Synagogue gives free access to everyone with a JewishGenID to view (but not duplicate or publish) information in this spreadsheet and relevant photographs. JewishGen users require written permission from the Board of Directors of Sons of Jacob,, before they can duplicate, publish, or broadcast information provided here to third parties.)



Data last updated: 12/28/2022

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