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Synagogue/Society Information

Synagogue/Society Identification
Synagogue/Society ID: USA-00144
Synagogue/Society Name: Bronx Park East Chotiner Jewish Center
Synagogue/Society Location
Country: USA
State:New York
City: Bronx
Street: 2256 Bronx Park East
Synagogue/Society Details
Number of Memorials: 519
Number of Photographs: 519
Synagogue/Society Description:

Bronx Park East Chotiner Jewish Center, 2256 Bronx Park East, Bronx, NY, USA. 519 plaques total.

The synagogue was founded in 1961 and closed in 2001, Rabbi Jacob Twesky supervising.See linked files for photos of all the plaques.

First set of plaques

Second set of plaques

Third set of plaques

Fourth set of plaques

Fifth set of plaques

Sixth set of plaques

Seventh set of plaques

Data last updated: 12/13/2015

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