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Synagogue/Society Identification
Synagogue/Society ID: CZ-00618
Synagogue/Society Name: New Jewish Cemetery
Section: Holocaust Memorial
Synagogue/Society Location
Country: Czech Republic
City: Kolin  
Street: Veltrubska Street
Synagogue/Society Details
Number of Memorials: 487
Number of Photographs: 487
Synagogue/Society Description: For more informtion, please see,_Nov%C3%BD_%C5%BEidovsk%C3%BD_h%C5%99bitov_03._Pam%C3%A1tn%C3%ADk,_vpravo.jpg and,_Nov%C3%BD_%C5%BEidovsk%C3%BD_h%C5%99bitov_02._Pam%C3%A1tn%C3%ADk,_vlevo.jpg
Data last updated: 07/11/2023

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