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Jungfernhof Concentration Camp
Riga, Latvia
From Locker of Memory


This list was taken from Karen Frostig’s “Locker of Memory” website at The site is a living memorial to the victims and survivors at the Jungfernhof concentration camp in Riga, Latvia.  The following is from her introduction to the site but if you are interested in this camp and its history, it is strongly recommended that you visit the site for additional information.

“The Locker of Memory memorial to the victims of the Jungfernhof concentration camp is an international, multimedia memorial project situated along the Daugava River at the Jungfernhof concentration camp site (also referred to as MazjumpravmuiĹža). Located on the outskirts of Riga, the camp was housed at the Mazjumprava Manor, an abandoned, dilapidated farming estate situated on 500 acres of land. Roughly hewn barracks were installed in a few unheatable barns and cattle sheds with gaping holes to accommodate close to 4,000 prisoners. Today, the site has been converted into a public park, designated for leisure and relaxation.”


This database is a compilation of 5 lists and includes 4,163 records. The lists are:

  • Camp Survivors
  • Hamburg victims & survivors – Transport # ?, Deported 06-Dec-1941
  • Nuremberg victims & survivors – Transport # 4, Deported 29-Nov-1941
  • Stuttgart victims & survivors – Transport # ?, Deported 01-Dec-1941
  • Vienna victims & survivors – Transport # 13, Deported 03-Dec-1941

The fields in the database are:

  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Address
  • Transport Destination
  • List Name
  • Comments


These lists were compiled from information on Karen Frostig’s “Locker of Memory” website at

We’d also like to thank Nolan Altman, Director of Special Projects and Coordinator of the Holocaust Database, for his continued devotion and dedication to JewishGen’s important work.

December, 2023


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