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French Deportees Who Died During Deportation

Introduction by Nolan Altman

According to French law, a French citizen is known as dead only after a death certificate has been issued by the local authority. In order to regularize the situation of those who died in deportation, a special law was promulgated on May 15, 1985, dealing with death certificates for those who didn't come back from the Nazi camps. These certificates of death have to be issued as a result of a declarative judgment marked with the mention "Dead in Deportation". Then the "Journal Officiel de la Republique Francaise"- the government publication- made these death certificates public.

This data set includes two sections of lists from the “Order of August 31, 2012 affixing the words "Death in deportation" to deeds and judgments declaring death”. The legal notice bulletin is presented as part of the French government’s website at

The two sections of the list are:

  • Part I - The words "Death in deportation" are affixed to the deeds and declarations declaring death.
  • Part II - The mention "Death in deportation" as well as the rectifications of the dates and places of death are made on the declarations of death.


This database consists of 199 French citizens whose death certificates officially say, “Dead in Deportation” or were corrected from what was previously reported. The fields in the database are:

  • Source
  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Maiden Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth - Town
  • Place of Birth - Country
  • Date of Death
  • Place of Death - Town
  • Place of Death – Country
  • Comments

We’d like to thank Eric Feinstein, a JewishGen volunteer for finding this information. The original source of the material
Can be found on the French government’s Légifrance website
We’d also like to thank Mike Kalt, Html Volunteer, for placing this description online, and to Nolan Altman, Director of Special Projects and Coordinator of the Holocaust Database, for his continued devotion and dedication to JewishGen's important work.
June, 2021

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