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Jews Killed in 1941 in Dubossary, Moldova/Transnistria

Introduction by Yefim Kogan

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More than 18,000 Jews were murdered in the autumn of 1941 in Dubossary, Moldavian SSR.  The victims were from many small and large places in Moldova and Ukraine.  With efforts from the Dubossary Jewish Community and its director Ozias Ukshteyn, many families were recognized and now listed here.  There is a large "Memorial of Victims of Fascists" erected at the place of Mass Graves, and the Jewish Community of Dubossary and Moldova/Transnistria are continuing their efforts to memorize people killed in Dubossary.  No one should be forgotten.

Dubossary ("Дубоссары" in Russian), is called דובאָסאַר "Dubasar" in Yiddish.  Today it is in eastern Moldova, called Дубэсарь "Dubăsari".  It is located on the Dniester River, about 24 miles NE of the Moldovan capital Chişinău (Kishinev).


This database includes 757 family records with total of 2,984 Jews killed in Dubossary, Moldova/Transnistria.  The fields for this database are as follows:

  • Name.  This consists of the surname of the head of household, and the initial(s) of their given name(s).
  • Number of people killed (total for household).
  • Source of Information:
    • "Grave" — from inscription on the granite monuments, but the source of information is unknown.
    • "Act" — from an Act in the Extraordinary Commission reports, from the Archives of the KGB.
    • "Yad" — from Pages of Testimonies from Yad Vashem.
  • Town or village, where the family lived before the war.  This information is present for only about 2/3rds of the families.  The most common places of origin are: Krasnye Okna (129), Dubossary (113), Kotovsk (54), Kishinev (42), Odessa (28), Grigoriopol (15), Rybnitsa (15), Doybany (14), Tiraspol (11), Tsybulevka (8), Yagorlyk (7), Orgeev (6), Bendery (4), and Koshnitsa (4).


The information contained in this database was translated from the files prepared in Russian by the Dubossary Jewish Community, Director Ozias Ukshteyn.  Translation into English was done by Janet Furba, Germany.  Prepared for JewishGen by Yefim Kogan, JewishGen Bessarabia SIG Coordinator.

Nolan Altman
Coordinator - JewishGen Holocaust Database
June, 2012

Searching the Database

This database is searchable via JewishGen's Holocaust Database, the JewishGen Romania Database, and the JewishGen Ukraine Database.

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