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Introduction by Peter Landé

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This database contains records for 2,995 foreigners (mostly German Jews) who came into contact with Dutch authorities between the mid-1930s and 1954.


The collection consists of a name index to files on foreigners, almost all German Jews, who, one way or another, came into contact with Dutch authorities at some time between the mid-1930s until as late as 1954.  The types of events recorded vary widely ranging from persons who were simply transiting Holland, lists of diamond dealers, seizures of Jewish property, etc.  Copies of complete files on any individual may be requested from the Archives at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington.

This collection is only part of a much larger collection relating to foreigners.  However, under Dutch privacy law, only files on persons 100 years after the dates of birth, or persons who had perished could be made available.  For these purposes the Dutch National Archives only permitted filming where these rules applied.  In addition to the 100 year rule, they used as reference points the Dutch memorial book, In Memoriam (by Hans Joseef ben Michael Bloemendal, published in Den Haag by Sdu Uitgeverij Koninginnegracht, 1995. 858 pages. [OCLC: 35109716]); and Yad Vashem's Hall of Names.  If a researcher does not find a name of interest to them in this collection, but has reason to believe that the subject had perished or the 100 year rule applies, he/she may send a request to the National Archives of the Netherlands in The Hague.


This database includes 2,995 records of those registered by the Dutch police.  The fields for this database are as follows:

  • Name — (Surname + Given name)
  • Date of Birth — (dd-mmm-yyyy)
  • Place of Birth — (name of city)
  • Reel # — (microfilm reel # within RG 41.005M)
  • Box / Folder Number — (location within the microfilm)
  • Other Source Comments — (see "Note 1" and "Note 2" below)

Note 1:
Translations for the Dutch terms used in the database are as follows:

Alleen briefje Only note (no other info)
Alleen naam Name only
Niet vermeld Not specified
Niet vermeld (briefje) Unlisted (note)
Onbekend Unknown

Note 2: Other Sources:
The codes in this column may give researchers additional areas to investigate.

IM In Memoriam
YV Yad Vashem records
* Over 100 years old
? Unknown


The information contained in this database was indexed from files held by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in Record Group RG 41.005MFreija Lindholm, a JewishGen volunteer, compiled the list.

In addition, thanks to JewishGen Inc. for providing the website and database expertise to make this database accessible.  Special thanks to Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias for their continued contributions to Jewish genealogy.  Particular thanks to Nolan Altman, coordinator of Holocaust files.

Nolan Altman
Coordinator - JewishGen Holocaust Database
May 2010

Searching the Database

This database is searchable via JewishGen's Holocaust Database and the JewishGen Germany Database.

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