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Surviving Jews in Kielce District

This database contains the information about 2,179 Jewish Holocaust survivors from the Kielce district of Poland.  These names were originally published in the 22-page booklet Surviving Jews in Kielce District, published by the World Jewish Congress in New York.  The booklet is undated, but was likely published about 1945-46.

The names are organized by town of residence before the war.  The localities included are: Białobrzegi (16), Bodzentyn (40), Busko-Zdrój (32), Chęciny (16), Chlewice (16), Chmielnik (69), Ćmielów (17), Działoszyce (156), Gzowice (3), Jedlnia (22), Jedlińsk (15), Jędrzejów (63), Kielce (239), Klimontów (31), Kozienice (62), Nowy Korczyn (43), Olkusz (22), Ostrowiec (215), Oźarów (15), Pilica (14), Pińczów (66), Pionki (8), Piotrkowice (5), Proszowice (46), Przysucha (10), Radom (309), Sandomierz (41), Sędziszów (8), Słomniki (19), Starachowice (61), Stopnica (22), Suchedniów (97), Szczekociny (11), Szydłowiec (112), Wąchock (35), Wiślica (34), Wodzisław (59), Wolbrom (39), Zwoleń (72), and Żarnowiec (20).  The numbers in parenthesis represent the number of survivors listed for each locality.

"Kielce District" here apparently refers to the immediate post-war district of Kielce, which roughly corresponds to the area of the pre-WWI gubernias of Kielce and Radom of Congress Poland.  Towns in southern Piotrków gubernia (the districts of Będzin, Zawiercie and Częstochowa, which were in Kielce Województwa of inter-war Poland) are not included in this booklet.

The columns in this database are:

  • Name: Surname and Given Name(s) of the survivor.
  • Town: Town of residence before the war.
  • Present Address: The survivor's current town of residence, after the war.  This field is present only for the 239 survivors from the city of Kielce.
  • Year of Birth: This field is present only for persons from about half of the localities.  The birthdates range from 1870 to 1945, but the majority are in the 1910s and 1920s.
  • Page: Page number in the original booklet.
  • Sequence Number: Sequence number of the individual in the sequence within each town's list.

All information for each individual was extracted from the original booklet.  There is no additional information in the source document.


The information contained in this database was transcribed from the above source by the Czestochowa-Radomsko Area Research Group (CRARG), led by Daniel Kazez, an independent group working to gather Holocaust death and survivor lists from Poland to support the search for family and family history.

We owe our most sincere gratitude to the following individuals who have been involved in the transcription and/or proofreading of the information in the list: Ruth Brumer Bratvold, Desiree Gil, Susan Javinsky, Ellen Lee, Shabsa Lis, Kate O'Donnell, Meira Puterman, Deborah Somers, Suzanne Waxman, Jerome Wiesenberg, Jane Yendell.

Searching the Database

This database is searchable via JewishGen's Holocaust Database and the JewishGen Poland Database.

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