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Children from Prague, Czechoslovakia

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The dataset contains the names of 1,216 children living in Prague, Czechosolvakia, in 1943-1944.


This is part of the Heinz Prossnitz collection.  Heinz (Heindrich) Prossnitz was an active Prague Jew, born in 1926.  During the years 1943-1944 he was a worker of the Judenrat in Prague.  Along with others, he started a group which sent food and money to Jews from Prague who had been expelled to Theresienstadt, Auschwitz and the Lodz ghetto.  They were assisted in this endeavor by their contact with Dr. Fritz Ulman in Geneva.  Prossnitz was apparently deported from Prague to Auschwitz on 27 October 1944, where he was, so it seems, murdered.

The collection was brought by one of the survivors to the Zionist archive in Jerusalem, which passed it on to the Yad Vashem archives in the 1950s.  This list is a list of children from Prague.  Next to some of the names are deportation notations - next to others, none - these are not noted here.  It is not clear what the purpose of this list was, or what the rationale was for making a list of these particular children.

There are 1,216 names on the list.  For each child, the data contains the surname and given name, year of birth, and address.


The information contained in this database was indexed as part of the data sharing agreement between Yad Vashem and JewishGen.  Thanks to Zvi Bernhardt and the Hall of Names staff, the data was provided from the files of Yad Vashem (file O7CZ/310).  This information is accessible to you today, thanks to the efforts of the following JewishGen volunteers who are responsible for the transcription of this file: Randy Schoenberg (coordinator), Ruth Coman, Pierre Hahn, Robert L. Kraus, David Lewin, Rodolfo Miller, Sheri Prager, Vivian Salama, and David Weisman.

Searching the Database

This database is searchable via JewishGen's Holocaust Database, and the JewishGen Austria-Czech Database.

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