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Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: UKR-03663
Cemetery Name:
Cemetery Location
Country: Ukraine
City: Oleyëvo-Korolëvka  
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 30
Number of Photographs: 30
Cemetery Description:

Oleyëvo-Korolëvka Cemetery, Oleyëvo-Korolëvka, Ukraine. 30 burials total.

"The cemetery was set on a modest hill surrounded on one side by houses, a dirt lane on the second side, and agricultural fields on the other two sides. There was no fence or security for the cemetery; however, the stones did not appear to have suffered harm from humans. The cemetery contained several hundred stones, the majority of which were badly weathered and whose inscriptions could not be rendered legibly in a photograph. We attempted to photograph all the stones that could be rendered legibly. A number of the stones were quite substantial in terms of bulk and height. There was at least one Polish inscription and a handful of Cyrillic inscriptions. Perhaps 20 stones displayed the name of the deceased in Latin characters while a larger number of stones carried Hebrew characters on the back of the stones."

NOTE: Town was listed as "motherstown" for HTMLer/donor, Max G. Heffler's great-grandmother, Dwora Etta Gottesfeld Höfler, on the birth of at least one of her sons. Stones are more legible than the first transcriptions implied so they are being redone. Sheree Roth, also with heritage from this town, is coordinating the re-transcription.

For more information on Oleyëvo-Korolëvka Cemetery, click here.

Data last updated: 12/05/2017

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