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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: LITH-02219
Cemetery Name: Vilkaviskis Jewish Cemetery (New Jewish Cemetery)
Cemetery Location
Country: Lithuania
City: Vilkaviskis  
Street: off Kapo Gatve
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 266
Number of Photographs: 226
Cemetery Description: Photographs and translations provided by Wayne Frankel (USA) and Ralph Salinger (Israel), following their visit in August, 2007. The cemetery off Kapo Gatve is also known as the "new" Jewish Cemetery - it was in use from 1875-1942. An older cemetery, with no legible stones in it, is a few blocks away. Although there are only ~200 stones total remaining in the "new" cemetery, most if not all of the approximately 5000 graves in the cemetery seem to be intact. Currently about 20 additional gravestones remain to be turned-over and documented.
Data last updated: 01/07/2010

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