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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: LITH-02183
Cemetery Name:
Cemetery Location
Country: Lithuania
City: Butrimonys  
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 721
Number of Photographs: 589
Cemetery Description: The Butrimonys Jewish cemetery has over 475 tombstones. The cemetery is essentially in the shape of a rectangle with a large gate along the West side and a smaller gate and a plaque near the Northeast corner. There is a small gas station outside the South side of the cemetery fence. All of the gravestones face the West except tombstone marker that was erected in May, 1999 in memory of the Jewish girls who died during and after WWII. This one faces the East and is listed as AP1. We recorded 475 tombstones, 593 graves and 125 large and medium rocks as possible gravesites. Some of the tombstones are for two, three and even four people. We started in the Southeast corner with Row A, tombstone No.1 and proceeded to the North until row A was finished. Then we went on to Row B. The last row is Row AP, that runs parallel to the West side of the fence. Many of the tombstones were buried or half buried in the ground and had to be excavated and cleaned before they could be recorded and photographed. The earliest grave recorded is 1748 and the latest is Dec. 29, 1939.
Data last updated: 04/12/2019

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