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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: CHIN-04669
Cemetery Name:
Cemetery Location
Country: China
City: Tianjin
Street: Chin Lin Chwang
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 535
Number of Photographs: 0
Cemetery Description: This is a cemetery list of the Tientsin Jewish Cemetery at Chin Lin Chwang done in the 1950s. There were 18 lists of which #12 is missing. The list of graves of the old Tientsin Cemetery. The site was razed to make way for construction. No graves remain. This was donated by Teddy Piastunovich of the Association of Former Residents of China in Israel. Their website is The archives of the Jewish community of Tientsin (which have not been indexed) are located at the Central Archives of the Jewish People in Jerusalem, Israel.
Data last updated: 12/08/2016

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