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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: CAN-04339
Cemetery Name: Dawes Road Cemetery
Section: Anshei Keltz & Rosh Pina Society [Section K]
Cemetery Location
Country: Canada
City: Toronto (Scarborough)
Street: 3169 St Clair Avenue East
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 161
Number of Photographs: 152
Cemetery Description: Dawes Road Cemetery was established in the 1890s and was the third Jewish cemetery in Toronto; the first burial was in 1898. The cemetery is comprised of individual sections serving 34 synagogues/organizations. * Sections 1 through 12 and 12A are located on the west side of Highvale Road (Cemetery Road). The sections are numbered sequentially from section 1 at the south (bordering Nancy Avenue) northward; section 12A is located behind the cemetery office. * Sections A through S are located on the east side of Highvale Road (Cemetery Road) and extend eastward approximately halfway towards Herron Avenue. The sections are numbered sequentially from section A at the north (bordering St. Clair Avenue East) southward; section S borders Nancy Avenue at the south. * Sections 101 through 115 are located east of sections A through S, bordering Herron Avenue at the east. The sections are numbered sequentially from section 101 at the north (bordering St. Clair Avenue East) southward. [The area which would be expected to be numbered section 116 is an eastern extension of section S.] Headstone photographs are available for most burials through 2012/2013 (and are in the process of being added to JOWBR). Please contact to request a headstone photograph; please provide the decedent's name, cemetery section (and sub-section, if applicable), and line and plot numbers. Headstone photographs for more recent burials can also be requested at this address and are anticipated to be fulfilled during the summer months. Dawes Road Cemetery is managed by The Dawes Road Cemeteries; telephone: 416-755-3411; e-mail:; website:
Data last updated: 01/21/2021

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