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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: CAN-01582
Cemetery Name: Lambton Mills Cemetery
Section: Congregation Knesseth Israel (Junction Synagogue) [Section 2]
Cemetery Location
Country: Canada
City: Toronto (Etobicoke)
Street: 1293 Royal York Road (South of Eglinton Ave. West)
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 370
Number of Photographs: 0
Cemetery Description: Lambton Hills Cemetery was established in 1910 by Congregation Knesseth Israel. Individual parcels of land were subsequently sold to other congregations and organizations, such that it is today comprised of individual sections serving 13 synagogues/organizations. Each section is independently owned and operated.

This section is located at the north end of the cemetery roadway, to the north of the Congregation Knesseth Israel entrance gate. The section consists of two areas. The original area is anchored at the southwest by the building adjacent to the entrance gate (erected 25 August 1913) and extends northward until the downhill slope. Headstones are arranged in north-south 'columns' (lines) numbered sequentially from 1 through 18, starting at the fence at the west edge of the section, with an N/S extension designating graves to the north or south of the central west-east walkway. Graves are lettered alphabetically from A (at the north end of the section) through Y, followed by Z1 through Z5; the west-east walkway through the middle of the section is grave P. An extension (not yet in use) is located to the north of the downhill slope, to the north of columns 9 through 16, with graves numbered sequentially from 1 (at the north end of the extension) through 15 (closest to the original area).

Headstone photographs are available for most burials through 2012/2013 (and are in the process of being added to JOWBR). Please contact to request a headstone photograph; please provide the decedent's name, cemetery section (and sub-section, if applicable), and row and grave numbers. Headstone photographs for more recent burials can also be requested at this address and are anticipated to be fulfilled during the summer months.

Roselawn-Lambton Cemetery Association serves as an administrative organization; e-mail: More information about the cemetery's history can be found at
Data last updated: 08/03/2021

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