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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: CAN-01542
Cemetery Name: Jones Avenue Cemetery
Section: Goel Tzedec
Cemetery Location
Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Street: 480 Jones Avenue
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 375
Number of Photographs: 120
Cemetery Description: The land for the Chevra Kadisha Chesed Shel Emes cemetery was purchased in 1883 and the cemetery was consecrated in September 1896, making it the second oldest Jewish cemetery in Toronto. Burials date back to about 1885. The northern portion of the cemetery lands were sold to the Goel Tzedec congregration, which consecrated the Goel Tzedec Cemetery on October 10, 1919. This section is located at the north side of the cemetery; the entrance to the cemetery grounds is to the right of the chapel (adjacent to 482 Jones Avenue). The lines are numbered sequentially from 0 (adjacent to the wall fronting Jones Avenue) through 19 (at the back of the cemetery). Graves are numbered sequentially northward (grave 1 is adjacent to the Chevra Kadisha Chesed Shel Emes section). Headstone photographs are available for most burials through 2012/2013 (and are in the process of being added to JOWBR); please note, however, that many older graves are no longer marked by a headstone. Please contact to request a headstone photograph; please provide the decedent's name, cemetery section (and sub-section, if applicable), and line and grave numbers. Headstone photographs for more recent burials can also be requested at this address and are anticipated to be fulfilled during the summer months. The Jones Avenue Cemetery is now managed by The Dawes Road Cemeteries; telephone: 416-755-3411; e-mail: The cemetery is locked; contact the cemetery office in advance to request that the caretaker open the gates for a visit. Exterior photos of the cemetery and a brief history of the cemetery may be found at
Data last updated: 01/21/2021

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