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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: CAN-01487
Cemetery Name: Roselawn Avenue Cemetery
Section: Chevra Kadisha Agudas Achim [Section 16]
Cemetery Location
Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Street: 610 Roselawn Ave (E of Bathurst, N of Eglinton N)
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 476
Number of Photographs: 0
Cemetery Description: Roselawn Avenue Cemetery was established in 1906 on land donated by Samuel Weber; individual parcels of land were subsequently purchased by congregations and organizations, such that it is today comprised of individual sections serving 23 synagogues/organizations. The cemetery sections line both sides along two blocks of Roselawn Avenue, interspersed with homes and apartment buildings; each section is independently owned and operated.

This section is located on the south side of Roselawn Avenue. Rows are numbered sequentially from 1 through 8 on each of the east ("E") and west ("W") sides of the section, from the centre outwards (the westernmost row is West side row 8; the easternmost row is East side row 8). East side rows 1 and 2 are immediately beyond the entrance gate; West side row 1 is currently an open expanse of lawn. Plots are numbered from 1 (at the north fence) to 45 at the 'back' (south end) of the section, with the exception of East side row 2 which includes a plot 1A in front of plot 1.

Headstone photographs are available for most burials through 2012/2013 (and are in the process of being added to JOWBR). Please contact to request a headstone photograph; please provide the decedent's name, cemetery section (and sub-section, if applicable), and row and grave numbers. Headstone photographs for more recent burials can also be requested at this address and are anticipated to be fulfilled during the summer months.

Roselawn-Lambton Cemetery Association serves as an administrative organization; e-mail: More information about the cemetery can be found at and
Data last updated: 08/03/2021

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