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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: AUS-04051
Cemetery Name: Stadtfriedhof Linz bei St. Martin
Cemetery Location
Country: Austria
City: Linz  
Street: St. Martin
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 660
Number of Photographs: 127
Cemetery Description:

Stadtfriedhof Linz bei St. Martin, St. Martin St., Linz, AUSTRIA. 660 burials total.

This information was donated by Charlotte Lugmayr-Frantz from Linz, Austria. This is the city cemetery of Linz near St. Martin. In the summer of 2007 a list of Holocaust victims who died after liberation was discovered. They were former slave laborers from KZ Mauthausen (Gunskirchen, Gusen) that were liberated 5-May-1945 by the 71 US Infantry Division. The names of some 514 victims of all faiths were known, with a further 881 victims whose names were not known. One of the Jewish victims, Artur SCHWEITZER was subsequently exhumed and reburied in Israel.

Cemetery memorial.

Overview of cemetery.

Another overview of cemetery.

Third overview of cemetery.

WWI memorial.

Another WWI memorial.

Data last updated: 12/27/2014

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