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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: AUS-02759
Cemetery Name: Wiener Zentralfriedhof
Section: (From Aufbau Notices - See Cemetery Description)
Cemetery Location
Country: Austria
City: Vienna  
Street: Simmeringer, Hauptstrasse 234
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 506
Number of Photographs: 0
Cemetery Description: "The Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery) of Vienna was opened in 1874. It is situated in the district of Simmering, and occupying 2.4 square kilometres, is the largest and most famous cemetery among Vienna's nearly 50 cemeteries. In addition to the Catholic section, there is a Protestant cemetery, a small Russian Orthodox burial area, and two Jewish cemeteries. Although approximately 65,000 Jews were deported from Vienna to Central and Eastern Europe, approximately 200,000 escaped to Western Europe and overseas. Between 19th June and 2nd September 1942 there were an extraordinary number of interments within the Jewish parts of the Zentralfriedhof. The Aufbau Newspaper published the list of these interments together with some other information about those who had died, including age and last address. This database is a transcript of those lists. In November 1942 the Jewish community of Vienna, was officially dissolved. "
Data last updated: 07/17/2009

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