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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: AUS-02302
Cemetery Name: Mistelbach Jewish Cemetery
Cemetery Location
Country: Austria
City: Mistelbach an der Zaya A  
Street: Waldstrasse 104
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 133
Number of Photographs: 2
Cemetery Description: "Entry to the cemetery is via a locked gate at the rear of a private house. The keyholder was last known to be resident at Waldstrasse 105, opposite the gate.The cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall, which is in good condition.The cemetery is divided into two halves by a large path running up the middle from the entrance all the way through the the back. Two thirds of the way up the main path, a lesser path crosses it. To the right and the left before the crossing are children's graves. Beyond the intersection, and to the left is a roughly square region with densely packed, fairly regular rows. To the right are two large bushes which partially obscure view of the plots. Some graves on this side are also missing their stones. The referencing system is fairly self-explanatory. ""RO"" and ""LO"" refer, to right and left. So eg 4R2, refers to the second stone to the right of the path in the fourth row. A designation without a row prefix (such as RO5) refers to a stone that is not in a row, but rather along the right (or in the case of L2, left) side of the cemetery. The names were originally collected by Franz and Magdalena Mullner from about 1996-7;and have been transcribed and donated by Robert Fraser."
Data last updated: 07/17/2008

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