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Rabbis of Algeria

liahu R. Marciano, compiled a biographical dictionary for some 850 Rabbis who lived in Algeria during the period covering the years from 1370 till 1962, after which Algeria became an independent state and Jews left the country.

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1. Surnames: Surname's spelling is not according to the Hebrew transliteration but according to that fixed in French Algeria and in use to this day.
2. Notes:
a.. Place names have been listed using their present names with their French names in brackets.
b. Years of life, if known, are in brackets.
3. Abbreviations used:
b' = ben for son of
Ch-R' = Chief Rabbi
d. = died
exp. = expelled
EY = Erets Yisrael
Fr. = France
Mor. = Morocco
R' = Rabbi


We acknowledge the tremendous contributions and lifelong dedication of Mathilde Tagger, z"l who made this index available. For many years, and right until her untimely death, Mathilde Tagger was a very close friend and collaborator with Jeff Malka. Together they worked to promote Sephardic genealogy research and educate the public about its enormous potential. Mathilde compiled this information based upon the work of: Eliahu R. Marciano. Malkhei Yeshurun. Jerusalem, 2000.

In addition, we express our grateful appreciation to Dr. Jeff Malka for his monumental ongoing effort to collect and make accessible Sephardic genealogical information, and for his generosity in contributing his extraordinarily valuable collection to JewishGen.

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