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The Boston Jewish Advocate Obituary Database

Compiled by David Rosen

This database is an index of 26,092 obituary notices which appeared in the Boston Jewish Advocate, compiled by David Rosen and volunteers from the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston.  This index covers the entire run of the Jewish Advocate, 1905 thru September 25, 2020.  For each entry, the index contains the deceased's name, maiden name (if given), birthplace (if given), age, the date of the issue of the Boston Jewish Advocate in which the obituary appeared, and surnames of related family members mentioned in the obituary.

The Boston Jewish Advocate is published weekly.  To view the actual obituaries which this database indexes, consult back issues of the Jewish Advocate on microfilm. Microfilms of the back issues (110+ reels) are available at several libraries, including:  Boston Public Library (Boston, MA): [AN2.M4J4];  Hebrew College Library (Newton, MA);  Lamont Library, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA): [Film NC 497];  Goldfarb Library, Brandeis University (Waltham, MA): [AJHS Depository];  New York Public Library (New York, NY): [*ZAN-*P41];  Library of Congress (Washington, DC): [96/4713]; American Jewish Historical Society New England Branch (Boston, MA).

For more information on research in Massachusetts, see Resources for Jewish Genealogy in the Boston Area.

In addition - The Jewish Advocate website has an archives page. Once an obituary and issue date have been identified on Jewishgen, the name and date can be searched again on the Advocate site and, for a fee, can be viewed on-line.

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