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Colorado Names Index

Compiled by Ellen Kowitt

This ongoing project will include the names of Jews found in books about the history of Jews in Colorado as well as smaller unpublished lists. Launched with contents from four community history books and unpublished settler lists for Cotopaxi and Atwood, future updates will incorporate additional collections.

Fields for this index are TITLE, GIVEN NAME, SURNAME, MISC, URL LINKS to digitized material, and page #s for OFFLINE BOOKs when not digitized and available online. For digitized material, users will need to navigate/browse to the page numbers provided in the search result to view additional biographical information or photos.

Thanks to volunteers Tammy Raiton, Andrea Daniels, and Sue Lauscher for inputting data and/or proofing material four books; to Jen Lowe for compiling the Cotopaxi list; and Naomi Johnson for compiling the Atwood list.

Acronyms found in search results represent the following resources:

ACOL=   Partial list of Atwood Colony settlers in 1896-1897 compiled by Naomi Johnson in 2013. See

CHJC=    THE CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF THE JEWS OF COLORADO, 1859 - 1959 by Allen duPont Breck, University of Denver, 1960. 1,288 entries. Digitized and browsable at

CTPX=   Cotopaxi family list as maintained by Jen Lowe and found on the Cotopaxi KehilaLinks website at

EJC=       EXPLORING JEWISH COLORADO by Phil Goodstein, Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society, 1992. 331 entries. There is no digitized version of this book at this time. See WorldCat for libraries and borrow through interlibrary loan.

JD=         JEWISH DENVER: 1859-1940 by Jeanne E. Abrams, Ph.D., Arcadia Publishing, 2007. 292 entries. Digitized and browsable at

PPT=      PIONEERS PEDDLERS & TSADIKIM by Ida Libert Uchill, University of Colorado Press, 2000. 522 entries. Digitized and browsable at

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