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The Boston Jewish Times Obituary Database

Compiled by David Rosen

This database is an index of 5,288 obituary notices which appeared in the Boston Jewish Times, 1945-1992.

The Jewish Times (alternatively called the Jewish Weekly Times) was published weekly from August 1945 through June 1988, then every other week through December 1992.  The Boston Jewish Times, full-text searchable, is online at the website of the American Jewish Historical Society, New England Archives, at:

This index was compiled by David Rosen, and covers the entire run of the Jewish Times, 1945-1992.  Some obituaries have more details than others.

For each obituary, this index contains:

  • The deceased's surname and given name.
  • Maiden name (if given).
  • Place (most often, a town in Massachusetts).
  • Age at death (if given).
  • Surnames of related family members mentioned in the obituary.
  • Date and page number of the issue of the Jewish Times in which the obituary appeared.  The format is "YYYY-MM-DD / Page".
  • A clickable link to the issue page on the website of the American Jewish Historical Society, New England Archives.

For more information on research in Massachusetts, see Resources for Jewish Genealogy in the Boston Area.

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