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Tiraspol Uezd Revision Lists (1796-1858)

Inna Vayner, Project Leader

Summary of Acquired Documents
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The Ревизские сказки — Reviskie Skazki (Revision Lists) — were introduced in Russian Empire by Peter the Great.  The goal of the revision was to account for the individuals/families subject to taxation and to identify men liable for military service.

There were ten known Reviskie Skazki taken in Russian Empire, with the first one taken in 1719.  Between the main revisions there were "additional revisions" conducted to account for residents who were either omitted during the main revision or those who left or arrived into the area between the main revisions.  Only a few of the revisions conducted are applicable to Tiraspol Uezd.

# Date Tiraspol Dubossary Grigoriopol Colonies
I 26.11.1718 NA NA NA NA
II 16.12.1743 NA NA NA NA
III 28.11.1761 NA NA NA NA
IV 16.11.1781 NA NA NA NA
V 23.06.1794 NA NA NA NA
1796 Additional Revision List NA
1799 Additional Revision List NA
VI 18.11.1811 Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found
VII 20.06.1815 Not Found Acquired, dated 1816 Not Found Not Found
VIII 16.07.1833 Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found
IX 01.01.1850 Acquired Acquired Not Found
X 26.08.1856 Not Found Performed in 1858 Performed in 1858 Not Found
1858 Additional Revision List Acquired Acquired Acquired

Geo-political History of Tiraspol Uezd:
Tiraspol Uezd emerged as a result of Treaty of Jassy of December 27, 1791 between Russia and Ottoman Empire.  As a result of this agreement, Russia acquired the region between the west bank of the river South Bug and the river Dniester.  From 1795 to 1797, Tiraspol was a part of Voznesensky Governorship of Russian Empire.  From 1797 to 1802, Tiraspol Uezd was a part of Novorossiya Governorate that was created by Pavel the First (Paul I).  From October 8, 1802 to May 15, 1803, Tiraspol Uezd was a part of Nikolaevsky Governorship that was created by Alexander the First.  In 1803, the Governorship was renamed from Nikolaevsky to Kherson Governorate.  It is unknown, however, what Gubernia Tiraspol Uezd was under during the three-year span of 1802-1806.  In the year of 1806, the Tiraspol Uezd became part of Kherson Gubernia.  Today, the former Tiraspol Uezd is in eastern Moldova and Odesa Oblast, Ukraine.

During the tenth revision (1858-1859), Tiraspol Uezd accounted for 318 localities, including Tiraspol, Grigoriopol and Dubossary.

Summary of acquired documents

This project of translating/transcribing Tiraspol Uezd Revision Lists began in September of 2015.  Translation of Tiraspol, Grigoriopol and Colonies records have been completed.  Dubossary records are still being worked on, as Dubossary has the largest number of records acquired under this project.

Town Uezd Year Type of Record # of
# of
Tiraspol Tiraspol Uezd 1796 Additional Revision List 463 152
Tiraspol Tiraspol Uezd 1858 Additional Revision List 643 92
Dubossary Tiraspol Uezd 1799 Additional Revision List 486 144
Dubossary Tiraspol Uezd 1816 Main Revision List 824 257
Dubossary Tiraspol Uezd 1850 Main Revision List 1,599 218
Dubossary Tiraspol Uezd 1858 Main Revision List 1,630 185
Grigoriopol Tiraspol Uezd 1858 Main Revision List 190 12
Voynova Tiraspol Uezd 1858 Main Revision List 454 30
Buzinova Tiraspol Uezd 1858 Main Revision List 949 109
Balashova Tiraspol Uezd 1858 Main Revision List 507 51
Kisilevka Tiraspol Uezd 1858 Main Revision List 56 3
Total 7,801 1,253

We've been able to obtain revision lists for the following towns of Tiraspol Uezd:

  • Tiraspol:
    • 1796 Tiraspol Revision List, Voznesensky Governorship.  Head of Jewish Community of Tiraspol Mordka Davidovich (son of David).  This revision list has no surnames, but often provides information about where the family came from.  There are 463 records in this Revision List.
    • September 16, 1858 the Supplemental Revision List was created to account for those omitted during the time of the main revision, retired solders, or those who moved to Tiraspol after the main revision had been completed.  The list was compiled and submitted by Gdal Razdovskiy, Moshko Gaysinskiy, Volko Litinzon, and Duvid Moldavskiy.  This revision List has 643 records.
  • Dubossary:
    • Head of Jewish Community of Dubossary, Tiraspol Uezd, Voznesensky Governorship, Shmil Dibinskoy and Leyba Varshavskiy submitted Dubossary Revision List of merchants of 3rd guild on June 23, 1799.  This revision list doesn't have surnames, but in some cases states occupation of the head of household, which could have become the surname later on.  This revision list has 486 records.
    • February 1816 Dubossary Revision List of Middle Class Jews.  There are 824 Jews in this revision list.  Signed by community member Khaim Gurovich.
    • October 1, 1850 Dubossary Revision List.  According to the notes attached to the revision list, it includes merchants: 53 men and 56 women, and middle class: 523 men and 697 women.  Revision list was signed by deputes: Mikhail Tomashin, Moshko Benderskiy, Zelman Gurovich, Duvid Filer, and Kiva Stolyar.
    • 1st Category of 10th Revision performed on May 20, 1858, merchants of 3d guild and middle class men (Townsmen).  Number of records in this revision was 1,618.
    • September 20, 1858 Dubossary Middle Class Revision List.  This revision list has 12 records.
    • Registry Book of Dubossary Residents 1866.
  • Grigoriopol:
    • October 26, 1850 Grigoriopol Revision List (132 records).
    • September 13, 1858 Grigoriopol Revision List Middle Class Jews (58 records).
  • Tiraspol Uezd Jewish agricultural colonies (1858):
    • May 2 and 21, 1858 Revision List of Jews agriculturists of colony Voynova, Tiraspol Uezd (454 records).
    • May 2 and 28, 1858 Revision List of Jewish agriculturists of Buzinova colony, who settled on the land of landlord De-Senek.  May 2d Revision List has 80 records in it, May 28 Revision list accounted for 869 farmers.
    • Villagers Jewish Farmers settled on their own land in the Village of Kisilyovka.  Revision List contains 56 records.
    • May 28, 1858 Revision List of Jewish agriculturists of Balasheva colony.  The colony owner is Pereyaslavl merchant of 1st guild, Vulf son of Merpert Nosinov.  Revision List accounted for 507 residents.
    • Colony Name   Men Women
      Kisilyovka village Jewish Farmers settled on their own land 23 28
      Voynova Agricultural Colony Jewish Farmers settled on landlords land 159 146
      Buzinova Agricultural Colony   448 353
      Balasheva Agricultural Colony   213 211
      Total 843 738

Revision Lists — Database Fields

For information about the fields in the Revision Lists database, see the section in the "Bessarabia Revision Lists" Database.  The differences for this set of Revision Lists are:

  • the "Uyezd" field will contain "Tiraspol"
  • the "Gubernia" field will contain "Kherson"
  • the "Archive / Fond / Inventory / File" field will contain the archival source citation, at the Kherson State Archive
  • the "LDS Microfilm #" field is not applicable.


This research project was made possible by the financial support of our donors and hard work, devotion and enthusiasm of great team of translators:

Ala Gamulka, Sheli Fain, Alla Kovsharova, Aleksandra Khaskin, Marc Barer, Alexander Volok, Genny Imas, Yuliya Vayner, and Inna Vayner.

Inna Vayner
April 2017

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