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Nisko Transports
17-Oct-1939 and 26-Oct-1939

Introduction by Peter Landé

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In October 1939, shortly after the German invasion of Poland, German authorities were interested in clearing all Jews from areas in Czechoslovakia and Austria.  The idea was to send Jews to new camps in Poland.  Two transports were sent from Vienna in October 1939 to a rural marshy area near Nisko, where they were to establish a camp.

The conditions there were terrible and the project was abandoned. Survivors were dispersed, some even being sent back to the places from which they had been sent. Other prisoners were sent back to Vienna. Most simply left for other parts of occupied Poland, including those parts occupied by the Soviet Union. Very little information is available on the later fate of individuals.

These events are well described in a book, Eichmann's Men by Hans Safrian.

According to Libuše Salomonovicová and Ing. Michal Salomonovic, who compiled the data, the data in this list were compared between:

  • The list according to individual cars, which is stored in AMO, the fund of the municipality, board 14 (taken from the original copy, stored in the SCA Prague-Chodovec, fund Gestapo Mor. Ostrava).
  • Lists "Verzeichnis der am 17.10.1939 26.10.1939 aus und Mar. Ostrau Nisko and purple / San. abgegangenen Personen"- which is stored in the Jewish Community of Ostrava.

Data on the fate of the occupation and after the war were taken from:

  • Official Gazette of Czechoslovakia Part 2 notification from the Office of the Provincial Gazette Brno - declaration of death
  • AMO, the Fund and the district court M.Ostrava Sl.Ostrava - Writings declaration of death or survivors' writings
  • SCA Prague ul.Milady Horakova, parish fund Jewish, Jewish Community of Ostrava registry office, sig. HBMA 1484
  • The Jewish community in Ostrava, a collection of notifications of deaths of community members in 1945
  • Bulletin of the Federation - Notice of death of individual members of the Jewish Community
  • Terezín Memorial Book
  • Miroslav Broz: Heroes of Sokolov (medallions of the AS USSR)
  • Mecislav Borák: Transport in the dark

To view selected photgraphs from Nisko, please click here.


This list consists of the names of 1,298 Jews sent from Ostrava, Czechoslovakia to Nisko, Poland.

The database includes the following fields:

  • Number
  • Surname
  • Given name
  • Title
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Last address
  • Marital status
  • Number of children
  • Source


The information contained in this database was compiled and generously donated by Libuše Salomonovicová and Ing. Michal Salomonovic. See the Background section of the introduction for the sources used. This research was part of the exhibition "Munich-Occupation-Liberation”.

In addition, thanks to JewishGen Inc. for providing the website and database expertise to make this database accessible.  Special thanks to Avraham Groll, Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias for their continued contributions to Jewish genealogy.  Particular thanks to Nolan Altman, Vice President of Data Acquisition and Coordinator of JewishGen’s Holocaust Database files.

Nolan Altman
Coordinator - JewishGen Holocaust Database
October 2018

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