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Germans, Swiss and Austrians Deported from France

Data compiled by Peter W. Landé

Explanatory Notes:

The 825 names in this database were taken from much larger lists of persons deported from France, published intermittently by the French government in the Journal officiel from 1987 through 1994.  The source(s) of information on these persons is not given, but they include no persons known to have survived.

The lists are quite different from those contained in Klarsfeld's Memorial to the Jews Deported from France since they include non-Jews, but, even with respect to Jewish victims, there remain significant and unexplained differences.

Religion and nationality are not given.  However, places of birth are given and I have included all names where the person was listed as having been born in Austria, Germany or Switzerland.  Where a town's name could not be located in reference books, I have added, after the given entry, my guess as to the correct name followed by a "?".  The phrase "during deportation" indicates a person died during the deportation process, rather than in a camp.

While in most cases the French lists give a place and date of death, I doubt that information on date of death was, or is currently, available for many of these individuals.  This is particular true of Auschwitz, where most persons were killed upon arrival and never "entered" into the camp.  Even for those who were "entered," most of the death books were destroyed in 1945.  In addition, many prisoners were transferred from Auschwitz to other camps, and only fragments of these records are available.  The dates, therefore, are probably those when a transport either departed France or arrived in Auschwitz.  Given what happened to most arrivals in Auschwitz, most of these dates are correct within a day or two, but they should not be taken as official dates of death.  More accurate information may be available for other camps.

The French government assumed that any person who did not return to France died in the transports or in the camps.  This is a logical assumption for French deportees, but is not necessarily the case for non-French Jews deported from France.  Such survivors probably were held in displaced-person camps in Germany or Austria and later sought refuge in Palestine, the United States or elsewhere.  Therefore, a few of the persons on the list probably survived.

The Journal officiel uses French geographic names.  Where I could ascertain the English name, I used this, e.g., Vienna for Vienne.

The information in this database is all of the information that appeared in the Journal officiel.  Persons seeking further information on these individuals, or other persons deported from France, may wish to write to: Ministere des anciens combattants et victimes de guerre, Delegation a la Memoire et l'Information Historique, 37, rue de Bellechasse, 75007 Paris, France.

Searching the Database

The "Germans, Swiss and Austrians Deported from France" database can be searched via both JewishGen's Holocaust Database and the JewishGen Germany Database.

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