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The Ревизские сказки Reviska Skazka ("Revision Lists") were conducted in territories ruled by the Russian Czar in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Revision Lists enumerated only those individuals subject to taxation.  The data was also utilized for identifying men to draft into the army.

There were ten major Reviska Skazka taken, beginning in 1719 and ending in 1858.  Each new revision would indicate changes to the population referenced in the prior revision.  Between the revisions (and after the last one in 1858) were "additional revision lists", used to fill in information missed in the prior major revision.  The dates of the revisions are important, because reference is made to an individual’s "Age at Last Revision".

The earliest revisions (the 1st thru 4th – in 1719, 1744, 1762 and 1782) are irrelevent for Jewish genealogical research, due to both their limited information, and the miniscule number of Jews within the borders of the Russian Empire at that time.  These are the dates of revisions of consequence:
  • 5th: 1795  
  • 6th: 1811  
  • 7th: 1816  
  • 8th: 1834
  • 9th: 1850
  • 10th: 1858

Further information on the history of Revision Lists can be found in an article by Boris Feldblyum in Avotaynu XIV:3 (Fall 1998), pp. 59-61, also available at  The following notes supplement those excellent pieces, by addressing the Revision Lists for towns in Belarus, and focus on search strategies with the Belarus Revision Lists in mind.

LDS Microfilms

The Mormons (LDS) microfilmed Revision Lists for several districts now in Belarus at the State Historical Archives of Belarus in Minsk in 1995.  These 126 microfilms can be ordered and viewed at any of the LDS Family History Centers, as well as at the Family History Library (FHL) in Salt Lake City.  The LDS microfilm numbers are listed in the chart below.

District Year of Revision List
1795 1806 1811 1816 1842
Bobriusk 1,925,366-378 2,008,324-326 - 2,008,268-270; 2,010,269 -
Borisov 1,925,378-379 - 2,008,326-329; 2,010,468-469; 2,010,473 2,008,263-268 -
Davidgorod 1,925,405-407; 1,925,409-413; 2,008,319-320 - - - -
Dokshitsy 1,925,366-367 - - - -
Igumen 1,925,380,396; 2,008,317-319 - 2,008,329-330; 2,010,467-468 1,925,180-181; 2,008,262-264 2,008,280-281
Koidanavo - 2,008,322-324 - - -
Minsk 1,921,924-930; 1,922,324-325; 1,922,327; 1,923,577-579; 2,008,305   2,008,322-324 2,008,270-278 2,008,278-280
Mozyr 1,925,403-05; 1,925,409; 1,925,396-399; 1,925,401; 2,008,306-308 - 1,925,413-415 1,925,415-416 -
Nesvizh 2,008,282-283 - - - -
Novogrudok 2,008,281-282 2,008,321 2,008,472-473 2,010,469-470; 2,008,471 -
Pinsk 1,922,326 - 2,008,471-473 1,925,416; 1,925,180 -
Postavy 2,008,303-304 - - - -
Slutsk 2,008,302-303; 2,008,306-308; 2,008,320-321 - 2,010,468-469 2,008,471 -
Velejka 1,923,579; 2,008,308; 2,008,315-316 - - - -

The State Historical Archives of Belarus' inventories of their holdings of Revision Lists can be found on their website: In Russian, In English.

Not all Revision List records in the Belarus Archives have been microfilmed.  Over the years many genealogists have contacted the archives or hired researchers to look in the original record books of the archives.  Some of those records have been collected for this database.  To verify any questionable data in these records, it is necessary to return to the archives and re-review the original books.

The language of the 1795 Revision List was in Polish for those areas "acquired" from Poland.  At that time, most of the Jews did not have surnames, however, the head of household is listed with a patronymic (his father's given name), together with the residents of the household and their relationship to him.  The 1806, 1811, 1816 and 1842 Revision Lists are in the Russian language.

Current Database Contents

The JewishGen Belarus Database currently contains over 56,000 records from various Revision Lists, as follows:

Year Town Uyezd Gubernia Archive Source FHL Microfilm # of Records
1806 Derechin Slonim Grodno BGIA/24/7/465 Not microfilmed 464
1811 Ivenets Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 218
1811 Kamen' Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 60
1811 Koidanov Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 349
1811 Koidanov / Galinki Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 180
1811 Komarovka Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 59
1811 Kozlovshchizna Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 2
1811 Minsk Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 3,226
1811 N.Sverzhen' Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 131
1811 Rakov Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 292
1811 Rubezhevichi Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 97
1811 Samokhvalovichi Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 198
1811 Stolbtsy Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 319
1811 Zaslavl Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/195 #2,008,323 146
1816 Lachowicze Slutsk Minsk ? #2,010,470 364
1819 Lachowicze Slutsk Minsk ? #2,010,470 452
1850 Derechin Slonim Grodno BGIA/24/7/477 Not microfilmed 89
1850 Derechin Slonim Grodno LVIA/24/7/477 Not microfilmed 122
1850 Budslav Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 200
1850 Dolginovo Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 1,175
1850 Gorodok Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 414
1850 Kraisk Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 154
1850 Krasnoselie Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 227
1850 Krivichi Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 318
1850 Kurenets Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 976
1850 Lebedzev Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 399
1850 Miadel Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 410
1850 Radoshkovich Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 1,262
1850 Rechki Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 141
1850 Vileika Vileika Vilnius LVIA/515/15/934 Not microfilmed 341
1853 all Kobrin Grodno NHAB/24/7/412 Not microfilmed 4,026
1858 Lipelevka Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/533 #1,792,209 11
1858 Shibniki Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/533 #1,792,209 9
1858 village Koscheinaia? Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/533 #1,792,209 32
1858 village Nedvighina Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/533 #1,792,209 235
1858 Zayamechno farming colony Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/533 #1,792,209 368
1858 Ivenets ? Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/969 #1,792,211 2
1858 Kaidanov Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/969 #1,792,211 21
1858 Minsk Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/969 #1,792,211 57
1858 Zaslavl' Minsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/969 #1,792,211 39
1858 Derechin Slonim Grodno BGIA/24/7/478 Not microfilmed 79
1858 Derechin Slonim Grodno LVIA/24/7/478 Not microfilmed 221
1871 Smolevichi Borisov Minsk NHAB/333/9/858 #1,792,207 6
1870-73 Borisov Borisov Minsk NHAB/333/9/858 #1,792,207 13
1871-74 Romanov Slutsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/906 #1,792,210 455
1872-74 Babovna Slutsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/906 #1,792,210 30
1873-74 Nesvizh Slutsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/906 #1,792,209 520
1873-74 Timkovichi Slutsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/906 #1,792,210 655
1873-74 Zamoshskoe poborstvo Slutsk Minsk NHAB/333/9/906 #1,792,210 48
1853Izabelin (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed115
1853Jalowka (Poland) (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed173
1853Lopenitsky (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed36
1853Lyskovo (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed112
1853Mstibava (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed86
1853Novy Dvor (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed21
1853Peski (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed222
1853Porozovo (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed158
1853Ros (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed125
1853Svislach (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed435
1853Volkovysk (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/347Not microfilmed503
1853Zelva (Males from 1850 Revision)VolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/352Not microfilmed307
1858InduraGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed1,446
1858KaminkaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed360
1858KrynkiGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/9/24/95Not microfilmed1,871
1858LunnaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed751
1858MostyGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/9/24/95Not microfilmed356
1858OzeryGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/9/24/95Not microfilmed803
1858SkidelGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed1,364
1858VolkovyskVolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/365Not microfilmed1,383
1858VolpaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/9/24/95Not microfilmed615
1858VolaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95Not microfilmed242
1858BerestovitsaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/9/24/95Not microfilmed1,038
1858GrodnoGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/24/94 Not microfilmed8,766
1850Galilee farming colonyVolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/347Not microfilmed147
1850Israel farming colonyVolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/347Not microfilmed43
1853Galilee farming colonyVolkovyskGrodnoNHAB/24/7/347Not microfilmed4
1874-1875GrodnoGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/124Not microfilmed396
1859VolaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed4
1859InduraGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed29
1858 (Dec)KamenkaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95Not microfilmed16
1874LunnaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/27/7/122Not microfilmed23
1874Grodno (21 Year-Old Males)GrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/122Not microfilmed56
1868InduraGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed31
1873InduraGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed26
1874InduraGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed7
1874VolaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/27/7/122Not microfilmed36
1877VolaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/127Not microfilmed4
1858 (Dec)LunnaGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed11
1858 (Nov)SkidelGrodnoGrodnoNHAB/24/7/95 Not microfilmed27

Sample Illustrations

Pictured at the right is a sample illustration of a Revision List from 1795.  Other illustrations are available by clicking on the links below.

Surname Lists

Lists of surnames have been compiled for several of the Revision Lists from Belarus.  The following surname lists can be found on the Belarus SIG Website:

Types of Revision Lists

The following types of records can be found in this database:

  • Revision Lists — Extensive records for Jewish citizens have been located for the 5th through 10th revisions for towns located in Belarus.  Many records have been published on JewishGen through the LitvakSIG and JewishGen Belarus SIG.
  • Additional Revision Lists — Between the Revisions, and after the 10th (last) revision, there could be data collected to supplement the most recent full revision.
  • 1853 Alphabetical List of Males — These lists were created in 1853 and include only the males who lived in a locality.  The ages refer to the 1850 Revision Lists, so any age referenced in this type of list is the age as of 1850.  Many of the 1850 revision lists, on which these lists are based, are thought to no longer exist.
  • Jewish Conscripts — One such list in this database has records of 21 year-old males in the City of Grodno in 1874.  Another has records for males in Kobrin Uyezd in 1879.

Other Sources for Revision Lists for Belarus

Here is a brief summary of known Revision Lists for Belarus:

  • Minsk Gubernia:  Revision Lists microfilmed by the LDS in Minsk (see above).

  • Vilna Gubernia:  In the Lithuanian State Historical Archives (LVIA) in Vilnius, there are some Revision Lists from the four southern uyezds of Vilna Gubernia (Lida, Oshmiany, Vilieka, and Disna), which are now mostly in Belarus.  According to the FHL Acquisition Department, these Revision Lists will not be microfilmed for many years.  However, they are available to researchers at the LVIA in Vilnius.  About 50,000 of these records have been translated by the Litvak SIG, and are searchable online via the JewishGen Belarus Database as well as the JewishGen Lithuania Database.  The JewishGen Belarus SIG's Vileika District research group is in the process of raising funds to acquire and translate the Revision Lists for this district.

  • Grodno Gubernia:  Revision Lists and family and resident lists (as well as part of the 1897 Census for Grodno gubernia) are in the Grodno branch of the National Archives of Belarus.  These also have not been microfilmed by the FHL.

  • Mogilev Gubernia:  The National Historic Archive of Belarus (Minsk) has Revision Lists, family lists, and residents lists for Mogilev (and possibly Vitebsk) gubernia which have not been microfilmed by the Mormons.  Members of the JewishGen Belarus SIG are compiling an inventory of these and other archival holdings of interest to Belarus researchers.

Anyone interested in working on the data extraction, translation, and/or data entry of Revision Lists for Belarus, please contact the JewishGen Belarus SIG's Research Coordinator.

Search Methods

These are four different search parameters available for searching in the JewishGen Belarus Database: Surname, Given Name, Town and Any Field.  Understanding how the searching works will optimize your chances of finding your ancestors.

Typically, you will enter the information you know about the first name, last name and town, and use the option "Match ALL of the above (logical AND)".  If your search criteria match to one revision list entry, let’s say a head of household, then the results will include not only that individual, but also everyone else who lives with him according to the household number.  For that matter, if you have multiple search criteria and one of the criteria is a match for one member of the household, and another criteria is only a match for a different member of the household, still that will count as a match and all that household will appear in the search results.


If your search using the surname criteria does not come up with the result you are seeking, or you don’t know the surname of the ancestor (let’s say, your great-great grandmother before she was married) you can search without a surname.  See the information below regarding searching the GivenName field.

You should always start with the “Phonetically Like” (Beider-Morse Phonetic Matching System) option when searching on a surname.  This will capture more results than the “Sounds Like” (Daitch-Mokotoff soundex system) option, but if you don’t find what you’re seeking you should also use the “Sounds Like” option.  If you are entering no other data (i.e. for Town), you can use the “Match ANY of the above (logical OR)” search option.  For more information, see

The essence of using the “Phonetically Like” or “Sounds Like” systems is that if the surname is not spelled using the spelling with which you are familiar, it will find the variations of the spelling you use.  For example, a search for “GORDON” will locate “GARDEN,” and a search for “EFRON” will locate “EFROM.”  The reason is that vowels don’t need to be exactly the same, and consanents which can sound the same (S, C and Z for example) don’t need to be exactly the same.

It is possible that the surname in the Revision List is spelled phonetically different from the name you know.  If you don’t initially find your ancestor using the two different phonetic searches, you can try the “Starts with” option or strategically include a wild card in your search.  Use an asterisk (*) for any number of unknown letters, or a question mark (?) for one unknown letter.

Given Name:

It is likely that you will not know the spelling of the given name under which your ancestor was recorded in a Revision List.  You will have a better chance of finding them if you know some common first name spellings — see the list below.  In many instances, using the “Phonetically Like” option for searching the Yiddish or Hebrew name you know them by will result in finding the typical spelling, but not always!  As an example, for your ancestor “Ida” you might know she had the Yiddish name “Chaia.”  But she may be listed in the Revision List as “Khaika,” and that extra “k” near the end of her name means you will not find her if you search for the name Chaia, even using the Phonetic or Sounds-Like options.  You will find all women named “Khaia,” though.  The following lists the most common given name variations that will prevent you from finding your ancestor, even when using a Phonetic or Sounds-Like option:
  • Abraham/Abram → Abel, Aba
  • Bashe → Bashke
  • Dina → Dinka
  • Dobe → Dobka
  • Dvora → Dvorka
  • Ester → Esterka
  • Etta/Yetta → Etka
  • Joel → Evel
  • Feiga/e → Feigela
  • Freida → Freidel
  • Gersh → Gershko
  • Gerts → Gerstko
  • Guta → Gutka
  • Guta → Gutka
  • Ite → Itke
  • Joel → Jovel
  • Yona → Jovna
  • Khaia → Khaika
  • Chaim → Khaikel
  • Chana → Khanka
  • Khasha → Khashka
  • Mina → Minka
  • Mordukh → Mordkhel
  • Nakhama → Nakhamka
  • Noah → Nevakh
  • Aaron → Orel
  • Joshua → Ovsey
  • Osher → Ovzer
  • Rasha → Rashka
  • Reiza → Reizel
  • Riva → Rivka
  • Rachel → Rokha
  • Shevakh → Shevel
  • Shimel → Shimshel
  • Sora → Sorka
  • Tamara → Tamarka
  • Suskind → Zissel
  • Zlata → Zlatka

Any name that you know to start with an H may start with a G, or a vowel.  For example, Hudel, Gudel or Udel are all the same name.  An exception to the caution illustrated by the examples in the above table is the name Movsha — a search for phonetic variations of “Moshe” will include the spelling “Movshe.”


Enter in the Town field the name of the Town, Uyezd or Gubernia where you think your ancestor lived in order to narrow your results.  You should not include a location in your search unless you need to narrow your results.  The reason is that where you think they lived may not be their town of registration.  Even after relocating to another town, a family might not change their official registration, and so they would be recorded as residents of the former town for many years.

Any Field:

This search type requires exact text — there are no options for phonetic spellings, although you can use a wild card after the first five letters.  You can use this field to narrow your results to find only those records, for example, which list mother, uncle, cousin, daughter, “wife of” (to find a married woman), or household (head of household, that is, the husband/father).  Using “grand*” would find grandchildren and grandparents.  While it is unlikely you will know that your ancestor is recorded as an "uncle," you may want to use the word "daughter" to remove from the results those households which have no daughters.  Unfortunately, there is no way to specify in your search that the records returned have an “aunt” or a “son”, because these field values are less than the minimum of five that are required for a search using the “Any Field” criteria.

The following are examples of “Any Field” searches:

  • “Microfilmed” will find only records which are coded as “not microfilmed.”
  • “Christian*” will locate entries with comments like “became a Christian” or “Converted to Christianity.”
  • “pencil” will find a series of annotations which were “written in pencil.”
  • “Farmer*” will find those entries for people who were re-registered to or from the farmer classification.
  • “Doctor” will locate the entries identifying individuals who were exempted because of attaining doctor status.
  • “Transferred” and “Excluded” searches will pick up annotations made in records regarding the movement of individuals and families from one location to another.
  • “Conscript*” will find records related to conscriptions.


The JewishGen Belarus SIG would like to thank:

  • Hadassah Lipsius, for leading the effort to put the Mir Revision Lists into the database.
  • Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias, for giving us the ability to have this searchable database on the JewishGen server.
  • Vitaly, Josif, and Fira Charny, for the 1811 Minsk Revision List.
  • Jim Yarin, Irene Kudish and Ruth Silver for their project that collected 22,148 records for towns in Grodno and Volkovysk Uyezds (2008-2010).
  • The many people whose financial contributions have made it feasible to obtain these records.

Search the Database

The Belarus Revision Lists database can be searched via the JewishGen Belarus Database.

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