Memorial Volume of Steibtz-Swerznie
and the Neighboring Villages
Rubezhevitz, Derevna, Nalibok
(Stowbtsy, Belarus)

53°29' / 26°45'

Translation of
Sefer zikaron; Steibts-Sverzhnye ve-ha-ayarot
ha-semukhot Rubezevits, Derevno, Nalibok

Edited by: Nachum Hinitz

Published in Tel Aviv, 1964




Project Coordinators

Janis Friedenberg Datz and Melissa Rubin McCurdie


Our sincere appreciation to Haim Lungin, of the Former Residents of Steibtz
in Israel for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Sefer zikaron; Steibts-Sverzhnye ve-ha-ayarot ha-semukhot Rubezevits, Derevno, Nalibok
(Memorial volume of Steibtz-Swerznie and the neighboring villages Rubezhevitz, Derevna, Nalibok), Editor: Nachum Hinitz,
Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Steibtz in Israel, 1964 (H,Y,E, 560 pages).

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Yiddish TOC translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund
Hebrew TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

Since it reached me Zalman Shazar 5
Foreword   17
The Star of Stolpce David Zakay 18
Steibtz, My Town Zalman Shazar 19
Zalman Shazar, the president of the State of Israel (From the Press) 24
The speech of the President upon receiving honorary citizenship of Jerusalem   25
The President, honorary member of the Capital's journalists   26
The visit of the Pope in Israel   26
“The Monthly” - published by Shazar in Stolpce in 1903   35
History of the City
The History of the Jews in Stoiptz Mordechai Machtey 29
My Town Steibtz Reuven Levine 31
At the outbreak of WWI Mordechai Machtey 35
Rabbi Dovid Tevli M. Cinowitz 38
Rabbi Simcha Shmuel M. Cinowitz 39
Rabbi Binyamin Ben Shmuel M. Cinowitz 40
Rabbi Meir Noach Halevi Levin M. Cinowitz 40
Rabbi Shlomo Mordechai Brodneh M. Cinowitz 41
Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak “Maskil–L'eitan” M. Cinowitz 42
Rabbi Yoel Carmel Sorotzkin M. Cinowitz 43
The Rav R'Yoel Carmel Sorotzkin Josef Dov Lachowitzky 44
The Rav R' A. Y. Maskil Le'eitan The Rav R'Reuven Katz, of blessed memory 45
Rabbi Yoel Sorotzkin Rabbi Zalman Sorotzkin 48
The Rav R'Yehoshua Dov Lieberman Zvi Stolowitzki 52
Rabbi Moshe Neifeld Yitzchak Lungin 54
The Rav R'Yerachmiel Leizersohn The Rav Elchanan Sorotskin 54
The “Chazon Ish” Getzel Reiser 55
Collected articles on the personality of the “Chazon Ish” Tzwi Stolowitsky 56
The great scholar R'Reuven Katz z”l From “Sha'ar Reuven 58
Rabbis Born in Stolpce
The Rav R'Yochanan Mirski; the rabbis R'David and R'Moshe Vilentchik; the Rav R'Yakov Vilentchik M. Tzinowitz 59
Mirrored in the Press
Movements and Parties
In Those Days Getzel Reiser 66
Memories from the life of the Youth Movements Dov ben Yerucham 68
The Youth in the Working Zionism Baruch Aloni 70
Hashomer Hatsa'ir in Steibtz Tamar Amarant 73
The Dry Bones Dr. Israel Machtey 73
Public Institutions; The cultural life; Schools; The Library Mordechai Machtey 76
“From all my teachers…” [based on Psalms 119:99] Zalman Shazar 80
R'Chaim Itze Borsok; R'Moshe Leib Tzorlik; R'Yakov Meir Tzorlik; R'Bunia who taught Talmud in the Mir Yeshiva in Stolpce; The “Hevra Kadisha” [Burial Society] Mordechai Machtey 89
The “Tarbut” School and its teachers Eliezer Melamed 90
The school Tamar Amarant (Rabinovich) 91
The new “Bet Hamidrash Mordechai Machtey 92
Religious schools: The Talmud Torah “Horev”; “Bet Yaakov”; The little Yeshiva; The learning circle “Tif'eret Bahurim Zwi Stolovitsky 94
Figures in town
Introduction A.M. 95
The Appearance of the High Priest Mareh Cohen Dr. Yisrael Machtey 95
The teacher Alter Menakham HaLevi 98
In Memory Moshe Bar' Natan Akon 99
Nachum R' Elihas Getzel Reiser 100
R'Israel Yehuda Kaputchevski The Rabbi Moshe Levin 100
Yitzhak Alter Yoselewitz Shmuel Epstein 102
R'Meir Chayatowitz Yitzhak Tunik, attorney 102
Scholars and Torah learners: the Rav R'Shlomo Chari; the Rav R'David Shmuelewitz; the Rav R' Moshe Giteles; the Rav R'Yakov Dominitz; R'Yehuda Leib Stolovitzki; R'Moshe Melamed; R'Yosef Miskov; the Rav R'Yeshayahu Borischanski Tzwi Stolovitsky 105
Itche Margolin Getzel Reiser 110
Hillel Akon; Shlomo Yosef Yichel Mordechai Machtey 111
The model teacher Dov ben Yerucham 112
“One Kadish”; the last rabbi of Stolpce Rav Zalman Fiboschowitz 114
The “Mesharet Moshe” [wrote a book by this name]; the last rabbi; the last slaughterer Mordechai Machtey 115
Tribute to the image of a dear friend of my youth Rav Yitzhak Epstein 117
The Rebbetzin [rabbi's wife] Chasia-Miriam Sorotzkin Rav Eliezer Maskil Le'eitan 118
A story of a dispute Zalman Shazar 120
Memories from the days of my childhood Mordechai Machtey 124
Untitled poem Yehezkhel Ben Moshe (Plaksin) 127
Memories Gershon Rabinovich 127
My parents' home Tamar Amarant (Rabinovitz) 128
My family Chana Bursuk 129
Our Home The Prosinevski sisters 129
Between two regimes
The year 1939 Dr. Ahron Machtey 131
A story of Wandering Avraham Bursuk 132
The Holocaust
My Small Town Steibtz Nachman Flaksin 134
My escape to the forest Shlomo Aginski 135
How I Survived Zalman Aginsky 137
Going out of the Ghetto David Levin 139
In Camp and in the forest Aizik Bercovitch 140
The Shoah Eliezer Melamed 146
On the death of my brother Aizik Bercovitch 160
“And you shall tell your son“ David Levin 170
Dreamers and Fighters
Yosef Harkavi; Moshe Zaretzki; Boaz Axelrod; Hirsh Posesorski; Yakov Spiegel Eliezer Melamed 171
Feiveh Aginsky Getzel Reiser 176
A. Yehoshua Peker Dov Ben-Yerucham 176
B. Yaacov Riefler Dov Ben-Yerucham 176
C. Meirka Machtei Dov Ben-Yerucham 177
D. Asaf Shachnai Miriam Shachnai 177
Sarah Gershenovitz Eli and Miriam Shachnai 178
Tanchum Rabinovitz M. Neched 178
Elimelech Machtei Dov Ben-Yerucham 181
Greetings at a party at the President's residence Mordechai Machtey 182
At the End of the War E. Melamed 182
Greetings at the Celebration in Beit Hanassi Mordechai Machtey 185
The Editors   189
Foreword Zalman Shazar 190
The Town and Its Development
Steibtz of the Past Motl Machtey 191
A Lifetime With My Little Village Zvi Hirsh Neyfeld 196
a. Sixty Years Ago Mendl Machtey 216
b. The Ferry Over the Niemen River Mendl Machtey 220
c. Designating Borders Mendl Machtey 223
Movements and Parties
The Political-Social Life Mordechai Machtey 225
Zionist Organizations Shachne Shatskin 228
The Founding of Betar Shachne Shatskin 230
Social Activity Before the First War Mordekhai Machtey 232
Stoibtz Firefighters Mordechai Mirski, Betzalel Baskin 235
The Gemillut Chesed in Stoibtz – The Benevolent Society in Stoibtz Getzl Ryser 239
The Bikkur Cholim – Visiting the Sick Getzl Ryser 243
The Artisan's Association Getzl Ryser 245
My “Shtetle” [small town] Stolpce Ben Yerucham 246
Wagon Drivers Mendl Machtey 255
Memories Shmuel Milcenzon 257
My memories of Shteibtz Leibel Mirsky 261
a. He Kept His Word; b. My Last Lag Ba'omer in Steibtz Yitzchak Russak 262
Stolpce My Shtetele Ahron Chayat 264
A Memory Roze Dvoretsky 268
The Family of a Village Jew Yisroel Proshtsitski 269
Gutkele Rozze Petshenik–Prusinovski 271
The Last Rabbi Of Stoibtz – The Gaon Rabbi Yehoshua Dov Lieberman Rabbi Nissen Waksman 272
The Rabbi Reb Yehoshua Dov Lieberman Yitzchak Isaac Shapiro 278
My Stolpcer Melamdim (Religious Teachers) Mordechai Machtey 281
A Bundle of Memories Aharon Chait 283
A. Two Communal Workers; B. Reb Leib Rozowski; C. The Kitayevicz Family Getzl Ryser 287
Mulye Kaplan Chana Borsuk 291
Shlomo and Chiene Ruchl Mirski Arye Leibl Mirski 292
Elegy About Chazon Ishai [Rabbi Avrom Yeshaya Karelitz] Chaim Gradde 293
Pillar of Fire Chaim Grade 294
Morning Stars  
a. The protectors of the town; b. The Revenge of the Rebuke; c. Viera Yakovlevna Zalman Shazar 296
In the Ghetto and in the Concentration Camp Getzel Reiser 316
With Partisans Shmuel Leib Aginsky,
of blessed memory
Fragments from Forest in Flames Josef Reich 329
From Those Terrible Days Nakhema Inzelbukh 336
Fear and Pain Ester Brukhansky 338
A Terrible Day David Slutsak 339
How I Survived Shimeon Epstein 341
The Death of the Jews in the Villages Mendl Machtey 342
Remembrance Basia Milcenzon 344
I Remember Betsalel Baskin 345
How Can We Forget Nakhman Folksin 347
a. Back to Stolpce in July 1944; b. Official Report of the Session of Grief Getzel Reiser 348
A Letter Noakh Barsuk 351
The First Letters from Stolpce Rywka Kantorovitz 353
The First Letters from Stolpce Azriel Tunik 353
The First Letters from Stolpce Chava Tunik 354
A letter from a soldier of the Jewish Brigade Dov Germiza 354
Letters from Africa and Argentina Bashke (Basia) Milcenzon 355
Letters from Africa Yehezkel Russak 355
Letters from Argentina Henie Kushnir 357
Our Organization in Israel The Editors 358
The bylaws of the Association The Editors 359
Landsmanschaftn [organizations of people from the same town]
A Short Report of Our Activities Roze Dvoretsky 362
A Report from Our Committee Betsalel Baskin 363
The Stolpcer Spiegel [mirror] From America 365
A Short Overview Harris Malbin 365
My Memories of 30 Years Sam Tunik 366
Pictures from Home Dr. Seifert 369
A Story from the Childhood Years H. Lempert 370
The History of My Childhood Years Nakhum Rozovsky 372
Stolpce As I Remember It Dr. Seifert 373
Stolpcer Landsmanschaft Sent Their Torah Scrolls to Israel “Forverts“ 374
Josl-Shaya the Melamed [religious primary school teacher] Mordechai Machtey 375
To All Former Stolpcer Jews The Committee 376
I Return Zalman Shazar 377
Poems Nakhman Flaksin 377
Two Stolpcer Golden Weddings The Committee of the organization 378
The Book of Swerznie
The Book of Swerznie   379
Members of Editorial Board   380
First Memorial Service to the Martyrs of Swerznie A. D. Sh. 382
Swerznie, the Dear Town of My Birth Reuven Sperans 385
From the Life of the Town Swerznie As I Remember It A. Kaplan 387
Jews in the struggle against the Nazi Occupier A. Kaplan 452
The Holocaust and Heroism - Memoirs From the Nazi Occupation Peysekh Epshteyn 454
Rebzevits (Rubezhevichi) Mendl Machtey 485
The Destruction of Jewish Rebzevits and its Vicinty Gishke Falayesh 486
From the Press [H] M. Tsinovitz 488
The Rabbi Leib Pupka, the Son of the Chofetz Chaim, a Resident of Rebzevits   489
My Shtetele Derevna Ahron Broyda 490
The town Nalibok, its life and its destruction Chaim Shlosberg 491
Conclusion The Publishing Committee 494
Alphabetical list of martyrs   495
List of Swerznie martyrs   503
List of partisans who have fallen in the forests and in battle   506
List of former Stolpce residents who died in Israel   507
List of former Stolpce residents who died in Argentina   507
Obituaries - for their holy remembrance   508
Family photographs   517
English Section at the end of the book
Foreword Zalman Shazar IV
The History of Steibtz   VIII
A Short Report of Our Activities Rosa Dvoretsky IX
A Short Report of Our Activities Icheskel Russak XIII
Germiston Pioneers Celebrate Golden Wedding   XIV
How Steibtz Was Destroyed   XV
The Founding of Our Society in Israel   XIX


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