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Translation by Esther Libby Raichman

We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families


Reb Chaim Tsirulnik
Itke Tsirulnik (Yankel Arinkes)

In Sacred Memory

My parents Chaim Shmuel and Itke Yankel Ahrinkes Tsirulnik.

My father, a Jew, a learned man, employed in the forestry branch of the market owner's business.

He died very young before the First World War.

My mother, an honest and energetic woman; after the death of my father she took the initiative of managing the home, raising the children and had a tavern in the house.

My sister Feigl married into the Goldin family from Nesviezsh. Later left for Warsaw and had their own sawmill. They met the same murderous hand, together with the six million victims in Europe.

We will remember them forever


Morris Hayman

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

A Memorial Candle —In Eternal Memory

Our parents, brothers, sisters, and their children who were killed by the murderous hands.
Our parents Reb Yedidyah and Chaya Russak who died in Stoibtz
Our sister Tzvia, and her husband Chaim Leib Kaplan
Our brother Fyve, his wife Nechama
Their children Yedidyah and Tonye
Their children; Tonye, Yedidyah, Eliezer, Hirshl
Our brothers Avraham, Shmuel, who died in Africa
Boruch's first wife Tzvia — the daughter of Yosef and Rochel Shulkin
Their children: Golda-Feige, Yehudit, who died in a tragic way.

We will remember them forever.

Hirshl, Leibl, Boruch, Russak


In Eternal Memory

My unforgettable aunt Peshe-Riva and
Uncle Mordechai Fyvl Kivovitz,
who met a tragic death.

The orphan that you raised, Rozze.

Brothers Yisroel Leib, Chaim, Yosef, Yehoshuah,
with their wives and children.

Our only sister Shimmeh, her husband
Eliezer Radunsky with their children
Hershl, Shmerel, Leibe, Hinde.

We will never forget you.


Yitzchak and Rozze Dvoretzky
Our children and grandchildren


Mordechai Fyvl and Peshe Riva Kivovitz

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families


Gutke Maron
Meir Maron

In Sacred Memory

My parents Meir and Gutke Maron

My father was born in Starobin, near Slutsk in the 60's of the previous century. He came to Stoibtz after the great fire of 1907. He was an honest Jew, an ardent Chassid, who loved to give to charity.

My mother was born in Baboinye, near Kapulle. They lived a contented, calm life, perhaps not always wealthy, until the murderous hand befell them in those terrible days of mass destruction in 1942.

It was my destiny to remain, to say the memorial prayer for them. During the war I was mobilised into the Russian army. Later, the “Polish Army” was founded in Moscow. I presented myself voluntarily, as an artillery officer, to go and take revenge against the Hitlerist murders for the innocent blood that was shed. I was successful in sinking a German submarine in Shtetin. Although I was wounded a few times, I still fought until the triumphant victory over the world enemy, when Warsaw and Berlin were occupied by the Allies.

Now I have built my family in America. My only wish is to come and visit our land, the State of Israel — a consolation for our suffering.


We will remember them forever

Yakov Maron and family


Yakov Maron

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

In Sacred Memory

My unforgettable: father Boruch Moshe Sagalovicz, died young, a victim of the First World War in Stoibtz.

My mother Chanah-Liebe died in middle age in Africa.

My beloved husband Elimelech, died young in Africa.

My sisters Rochel and Chayenke.

We will remember you forever


Bashke Milcenzon and family


In Sacred Memory

Our unforgettable parents: our mother Beilke (Chatze the commissioner's daughter), who died at a very young age in Stoibtz, leaving us, as small orphans. We hardly remember her.

Our father Avraham, son of Yedidyah, who died in Africa.

We grew up without a mother. It is difficult to forget.


Luba Shapiro, Yehudit Melamed, Yechezkel Russak and Families


In Sacred Memory

Our unforgettable husband and father, Daniel Horenkrieg, who died in a terrible automobile catastrophe after freeing himself from his partisan life in the Naliboki Forest. He was buried in the Stoibtz cemetery.

We will remember him forever


Chayenke, Musye, Klara

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

Henye, Golde and Moshe-Leib Zuchovitzky


In Sacred Memory

Our dear and devoted mother Henye Zuchovitzky, our dear sister Golde, who left us at the young age of 20 years.

We will remember them forever


Sheina Neifeld and family
Tzippe Per and family

Hirshl, Michael, Yankel Zuchovitzky
and their families in Johannesburg


In Sacred Memory

My parents Idl and Slava Neifeld.

My sisters Merre and Beile and their families.

My brother Fyve — died very young.

We will never forget them


Yakov Neifeld and family

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

In shining memory of my dear parents Yankel and Matke Tunik (may they rest in peace.

My sisters and brothers who perished as martyrs: Chaye-Sarah and family.

Berel and family, Beila and family, Relke and family, Zishke and family, Rachel-Leah and family, and my brother Mendel and his wife Peshe who died in Argentina.

Honour to your memory


In solitude and sadness

Peshe-Gitte and Henye and their families


At the recent grave of my beloved husband Velvl son of Yudel Shapiro (may he rest in peace) has left us forever on 17th Iyyar 5723[a], corresponding to 11th May 1963. My life is sad without you. May the earth not be too hard for you. You always helped me here, in my work for the people of Stoibtz.


Your wife Peshe-Gitte Matkes and family
President of the Stoibtz Women's Committee
for 13 years in New York.

Velvl Shapiro


In Eternal Memory

My unforgettable beloved husband Nachum Asher List (may he rest in peace), died 14th January 1962, corresponding to 9th Shvat 5722.


In everlasting sadness

His wife Nellie List


Nachum Asher List

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

My dear brothers and sisters of Stoibtz in Israel:

Allow me to eternalise in this memorial book of the Stoibtz martyrs, the memory of my beloved husband, my life-partner, and father, Yosef the son of Leib Tuvia Fridman, who was suddenly snatched from me, and died tragically, a week before the wedding of our eldest daughter Phyllis (Feigele). His friends and acquaintances paid great tribute to him at his funeral. The Rabbis in Johannesburg delivered eulogies citing his generous donations to charity to all Jewish organisations, for his empathetic Jewish heart, and for his great love for the State of Israel.

We will never forget him.

The following have remained in deep sorrow:

Sonia, Boris (Boruch), Phyllis (Feigele), Kelly (named after my grandfather Kalman) Fridman, my mother Chaye Aginsky, aunt Nechamah Reiser in Israel, and family.


Right to Left: Yosef Fridman, Yehudit, Max and Phyllis Youngelson, Johannesburg, Sonia Fridman, Herman Youngelson


Instead of a Gravestone

In memory of my parents Shimon and Henye whom I hardly remember. I was born in 1914. When I was seven weeks old, my father was mobilised during the First World War. In 1918, my father returned alive from a German prisoner-of-war camp. A short time later, he became ill and died. Three months later my mother died from a pregnancy, leaving me, a child orphaned by both parents, in the world.

My grandmother Malka raised me and kept a close watch over me. She took me to cheder and came to pick me up. I never had the joy of speaking to a father, to a mother. This is how I grew up in my grandmother's lap, in my dear little town of Stoibtz. In all my years there, I belonged to the Zionist youth organisations until I left for South Africa where I built a home.

First, I travelled with my wife Dobbe, who is also from Stoibtz, to visit the Land of Israel. There I met the friends of my youth, from my past. Here everything is so dear to me. My friends are writing a memorial book and I want to write a few words. It reminds me, and awakens in me, my entire past.

The pain in my heart is great, that everything there has been destroyed and many friends perished there, in those terrible days.


We will always remember them.

Yosef and Dobbe Renzon

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

A Memorial Candle

To the eternal memory of our parents, Reb Idl son of Fyve List.
Nechamah daughter of Avraham Fyve List (may he rest in peace).
Our sister Sarah Sarnov and her 4 little children, (may she rest in peace).
Who were murdered by the Nazis.

In Eternal Sadness

Sheina Rut and family, Chaya Rishe Viner and family
Tzippe Rayzel Shapiro and family, Paye Kessler and family
Yentl Fragason and family, Avraham Fyve and family.

In Eternal Sadness

For you, my beloved and devoted husband Yitzchak Aharon
son of Yakov Shapiro (may he rest in peace), prematurely
separated from me 10th Tammuz 5722.


I will always remember you

Your wife Tzippe Reizl Shapiro


We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families


Chashe Tunik (Itkes)
Moshe Lippe and Rochele Garmizze
Moshel Tunik

In Sacred Memory

Our sister Chashe with her husband and little daughter,
our brother Moshe with his wife and little daughter
died so tragically.
My unforgettable husband Moshe Lippe Garmizze

I will remember them forever


Rozze, Yitzchak, Hirshl Tunik, Rochele, Berele Garmizze

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We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

  Rabbi Aharon Sorotzkin

R' Aharon, the eldest son of HaRav HaGaon R' Yoel Surotzkin, may the righteous be blessed, was born in the year 5658 (1898). He received a Torah education from his father when he served as Rabbi in Steibtz, and later in the yeshivot of Slobodka and Mir, and would surely have continued in the footsteps of his father, but fate decreed otherwise. In the year 5674 [1914] with the outbreak of the First World War, he was exiled together with his family to Russia and was cut off from access to the Jewish literary sources of the yeshivot.

In the year 5689 [1929], all his family were fortunate to leave Russia, and after years of wandering and a short stay in Poland, R' Aharon succeeded in immigrating to the Land of Israel. He married a modest[1] woman, the daughter of a good family, and together they raised a family. They had 2 sons and a daughter. He made every effort to educate his family in the spirit of religion and tradition, and enrolled them in religious schools and yeshivot.

In the year 5619 [1959], he suddenly took ill and after a few months he died. All his ways are just, a faithful G-d, he does no wrong.[2] He is laid to rest in Zichron Meir [cemetery] in Bnei Brak, the place where his soul lives on.

May his soul be bound in eternal life.


We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

A Memorial Candle to the Zuchovitzky Family

Our dear father R' Shmuel son of R' Yaacov, may his memory be blessed.
Our dear mother Grunah daughter of Reuben, may her memory be blessed.
Our sister Feygl, may her memory be blessed.
Our brothers: Chaim Zissel, Yisrael, Yaacov,
may their memory be blessed.


The mourners:

Reuven and David Zuchovitzky


We will exalt the sacred memories of the dear members of our families

Yitzchak Bar

Yitzchak the son of Shlomo Chaim Bar (Bernshtein)[3], who came with the second Aliyah and was one of the founders of Kfar Yehoshua, died yesterday after an illness, aged 73. He left a wife, three sons, three daughters, and grandchildren. His son Menachem is a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Israeli Army.

Following his coffin, at his funeral yesterday, were members of his family, members of the moshav, and people who admired him. Eulogies were given by D. Barash from the village and Chaya Yisraeli from Kinneret. Y. Bar came to the Land of Israel from Steibtz in Russia in 1910 and was among the first settlers of Kinneret. After many years he joined Kfar Yehoshua. He was an experienced farmer and cultivated an exemplary agricultural settlement.

(The Davar Newspaper of 27th May 1964)


Editorial note:

  1. 11th May 1963 is the Hebrew date equivalent of 17th Iyyar, 5723; 17th Sivan 5723 would be 9th June, 1963 Return

Translator's notes:

  1. “modest” refers to an observant woman. Return
  2. Deut.32:4 In the biblical text this quotation continues with “just and right is he”. In the text, these are attributes of G-d but are ascribed here to Rabbi Aharon Surotzkin. Return
  3. Bernshtein his original surname was shortened to Bar. Return


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