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And these are the names
of the Martyrs from Swerznie

Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


(Right column)
ALPERT, the Rabbi, Reb Chaim Avraham, the Rebbitzen [wife of the rabbi] Beyla and Elka.
AGINSKI, Keyla, Yoal and Nechama.
INZELBUKH, Yakov, Chaya-Sheyna and Yitzhak.
BOTWINIK, Benyamin, Ruchl, Yitzhak and Zlata.
BAKOW, Sheyna and her four children.
BERKOWICZ, Shlomo-Chaim and Etka.
BERESZKOWSKI, Avraham, Batya, Yudl and Chonon.
BERNSZTEIN, Lyalya, Chaya, Elka, Josef, Yitzhak.
BROCHUS, Velvl, Etl, and two children
GOLDSZTEIN, Shlomo, Riva, Nisan and Mordechai from Lyubartov.
GOLDIN, Ben-Tzion, Leah, Tsodik, Meir (perished with the partisans).
GOLDIN, Berl, Chana, Nechama and Chava. Shlomo perished in the Red Army.
GOLDIN, Moshe-Leibe, Fruma, Tzvi and another child.
GOLDIN, Yerachmiel, Sura'tse and Ruchl.
GALAWENTSHIK, Rochel and Bluma.
GERSZOWICZ, Brayna and Mariasha.
GRONDA, Ayzyk and Ester. Chaim perished in the Red Army.
GRONDA, Brucha and Eidla.
GRONDA, Zalman, Chaya and two children.
GRONDA, Chonya and Eta.
GRINWALD, Shmuel, Frumka, Ruven, Foygl and Tsipa.
DERECZINSKY, Chaim, Ruchl and child
DRUKER, Chaim, Zisha and their children.
(Left column)
DRUKER, Yakov, Mariasha and two children.
ZATURENSKI, Shima, Zelda and another child.
ZELIWIENSKI, Yocheved, Boruch and Ahron.
ZILBERMAN, Toyba and Maril.
TRECZSZINIECKY, Shmuel, Pesha, Fruma, Ruven and Sima
YANKELEWICZ, Boruch, Yasha, Motl, Ayzyk and Yosef
YANKELEWICZ, Berl, Frada, Chaim and Batya.
YANKELEWICZ, Yitzhak, Freyda, Nachum, Chasha, Ben-Tzion, Yosef and Ita.
YANKELEWICZ, Yakov and family (Kulikovka)
JOSELIEWICZ, Eliyahu, Itka, Rywka, Chasha, Chaim-Moshe and Sura'ke the wife of the carpenter
JOSELEWSKI, Ahron, Dana and Tsipa.
JOSELEWSKI, Moshe'ke, Tsivia, Yocheved, Yisroel-Nota and Chaya-Shosha.
LEIBOWICZ, Yitzhak, Eta, Chaim and a daughter.
LIPTSHANSKI, Tsira and Henda.
LEIBSON, Dovid, Mina and Liba.
LIPOWSKI, Dovid, Sura-Ester and Kalman.
LIFSZIC, Chanya, Dvorah, Ester and Ryvka.
LEWIN, Tuvya, Tirtse and Hillel
MOWSZOWICZ, Tsira and Hillel.
MOWSZOWICZ, Shimeon, Masha, Tzvi and Chasya.
MUNBEZ, Alter, Fradka, Mendl and another child.
MUNBEZ, Ruven, Ryvka-Leah, Hanya, Ruchl, Shmaryhu and Daniel.
MAR, Shmuel-Meir, Sura and daughter.

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(Right column)
MUROWICZ, Eliezer, Guta, Pinchas and Ruchl.
MUROWICZ, Tzvi, Chienka and two children.
MENAKER, Leib, Taybl, and Rayzl.
MENAKER, Nota and Tamara.
MENCHES, Shmuel-Dovid and Benyamin
MENCHES, Gedalia, Tzvia and Itka.
NEIFELD, Moshe-Ahron and Keyla.
STAKLICKI, Zecharia, Yentl, Sasha and Avraham.
EPSZTEJN, Hirsh and Yehudis.
EPSZTEJN, Henia and Dina.
EPSZTEJN, Avraham-Yitzhak, Simka and four children.
EPSZTEJN, Yerachmiel.
EPSZTEJN, Liba and Ruchl and her husband.
EPSZTEJN, Tsherna and five children.
POLANSKI, Yudl, Sasha and Taybl REISER.
PALEIES, Sura, Chana and her husband.
PALEIES, Yakov and Sura.
PARFEL, Leyma, Sura'ke, Zalman and Foygl.
PINES, Shimon, Dvasha, Tamara, Moshe, Zeev perished in Prague.
PERTZEWICZ, Yosef-Hertzl, Leyka, Chaim-Dovid, and Fruma. Yitzhak perished with the partisans.
PERELMAN, Peretz, Chana and Yakov Shmuel.
PERELMAN, Shraga-Feyvl, Luba and Chava.
PRATAS, Avraham, Eshka and four children.
PRATAS, Chaya.
PRATAS, Chaim and wife.
PRATAS, Sura'ke.
PRATAS, Mordechai, Shifra, Michal and Tsipora.
TSOLKOWICZ, Itka, Michal and Elka
CHERNY, Yakov and Basya.
CHERNY, Bunya and Sura-Basha.
KALMANOWICZ, Krayna, Ahron, Yitzhak and Brayna.
(Left column)
KAPLAN, Yakov, Ruchl, Raytsa and Yesl.
KUZNIEC, Avraham, Leibl and Eshka.
KUZNIECOW, Yosef, Feyga and Ruchl.
KUZNIECOW, Nochum, Chaya-Sheyna, Avraham, Itka and Ruchl.
KUZNIECOW, Moshe'l, Ester and Pesya.
KIRZNER, Avraham, Sasha, Ben-Tzion, Beyla and other child.
KLYATSHUK, Simcha, Yacha, Velvl fell in the Red Army.
KLYATSHUK, Zev and Mari.
KLYATSHUK, Berl, Bracha, Moshe and Hinda.
KRAVEC, Avraham-Ber, Rayzl, Alter and Liba TRACHTENBERG.
RUBIN, Tzvi, Chaya Tsyrla, Avraham and Meir.
RUBENTSHIK, Sura, Noach, Fevyl, Hershl, Tamara, Moshe fell with the partisans near Hrubieszow.
RUSAK, Ruven.
REZNIK, Zelda and Ben-Tzion.
RENZON, Tzvi, Peshka and Taibl.
SHACHNOWICZ, Berl and Noach.
SZAPIRA, Yitzhak, Chienka, Rafael-Mendl and Chana-Sura.
SZWARC, Meir-Yosef, Chienka, Tzvi, Menucha, their daughter, Shoshona with her husband and child.
SZULIC, Ruchl-Leah.
SZULIC, Feivl and his family in Kizielewszczyzna.
SZWEKSZWEJN, Azrial, Ruchl and four children.
SZTEJNHOYZ, Nachum, Relka and Moshe.
SZENKMAN, Foygl, Zelda and Minya. Benyamin fell in the Red Army.
SZKOLNIK, Chaya-Sura, Golda-Faya, Yosef, Blumka and Mordechai perished with their families.
SZKOLNIK, Beyla from Vilna.
Avraham'l from Markuszowice [Markuszow] and his entire family.

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List of Partisans Who Fell
in the Forests and in Battle

Translated by Ann Belinsky


AGINSKY, Feiveh. Born in 1908, fled to the forest and joined the partisans in the area of Kapula. Was in the Tzfayev detachment. Fell from an enemy bullet
INZELBUKH, Mordechai. Was in a partisan unit in the area of Kapula. Enlisted in the Red Army and fell in battle just before the liberation.
INZELBUKH, Shmuel. Was in the partisan unit with his brother Mordechai. Enlisted in the Red Army and fell in battle just before the liberation.
AKON, Berl. Was in the partisan unit after he fled from Baranowich together with his two brothers. Enlisted in the Red Army and fell in battle.
AKON, Hillel. Participated in a partisan unit. Enlisted in the Red Army and fell in battle just before the liberation.
AKON, Zalman. Participated in operations against the enemy. Afterwards enlisted in the Soviet Army and fell in battle.
ALTMAN, Yekutiel. Left with an armed group from the Baranowich camp. Joined the partisans in the Zhukov detachment. Fell by the hands of White Poles.
AXELROD, Boaz. Born in 1915. Was a member of Hashomer Hatza'ir. Went to the forest with Yosef Harkavy. Joined the Zhukov Detachment. Fell when they went to save Jews from the Steibtz Ghetto.
BERNSTEIN, Shneor. Born in 1918. Left with an armed group from the Stoibtz Ghetto under the command of Yisrael Machtei. Fought in the detachment of Zhukov. Fell in an operation in September 1943.
BERKOWITZ, Michael. Born in 1925. Escaped from the Taat Camp in Baranowich with his father and brothers. While on guard, he fell by the hands of roaming partisans.
GINZBURG, Masha. She participated with her family in the partisan unit in the area of Kapula. Fell in battle just before the liberation.
HARKAVY, Yosef. Organized the defense of Stoibtz. Called upon the youth to join the partisans. Left to the forest with a group of 19 armed men. Was a member of Hashomer Hatza'ir. Fell in battle with the enemy.
VEINSTEIN, Moshe. Partisan in the Zhukov Detachment. Fell by the hands of White Poles while going with a group of Jewish partisans to save Jews in the Ghetto.
ZARITZKY, Moshe. Member of Hashomer Hatza'ir. One of the underground organizers in the ghetto. Joined the Zhukov Detachment on a mission to bring Jews from the Stoibitz Ghetto to the forest. Arrested by the Germans and executed.
ZARITZKY, Avraham. Joined the partisans in the area of Kapula. Left on a mission to bring Jews from the Stoibtz Ghetto. Was not able to complete this objective and fell by the hands of evil people.
HEINITZ, Yaacov. Born in 1924. Fled to the partisans. Fell in the Naliboki Forests.
TUNIK, Moshe. Born in 1910. Joined the Zhukov Detachment. Fell in the thick forests (pushcha) of Naliboki in battle with the enemy, close to the liberation.
TUNIK, Nechama. Born in 1915. She was a member of Hashomer Hatzair. She joined the partisans. Sent to the ghetto to obtain firearms. She was caught, tortured and didn't reveal anything. Executed.
TUNIK, Azriel. Born in 1919. Member of Hashomer Hatza'ir. Joined the Zhukov Detachment. Fell in December 1942 in an attack with the police. When the bullets were used up, he killed himself with a hand grenade.
MACHTEI, Yosef. Born in 1918 Member of Poeley Tzion. Killed by Christian partisans in the village of Berezna.
MACHTEI, Yisrael. Born in 1921. Fled the ghetto with a group of 19 armed men, joined the Zhukov detachment. Penetrated Baranowich to save his brother and his tracks were lost.
MACHTEI, Meir. Born in 1923. Fled from Baranowich. Joined the Zhukov detachment. Left on a mission against the Germans and his tracks were lost.
MAZEH, Ozer. Born in 1922. Fled the ghetto with a group of 19 armed men, joined the Zhukov detachment. Reached a rank of Strashina. Fell in March 1944.
PECKER, Yaacov. Born in 1910. Fled to the forest. Joined the Zarin partisan camp. Established a flour mill in the forest. Fell from a German bullet, close to liberation.
PROSHTSITSKA, Sonia. She was born in 1915. Member of Hashomer Hatza'ir. Joined the partisans, was sent to obtain firearms. Captured by the Germans, tortured but revealed nothing.
PERES, Yaacov. Born in 1923. Escaped from the ghetto. Joined the partisan detachment of Shestopalov. Participated in the liberation of Jews of Sverzhna. Fell close to liberation, while mining railway tracks.
KOPOLOVITZ, Idel David. Born in 1907. Escaped from the ghetto. Joined the partisans. Fell in an operation, by enemy bullets.
ROZOVSKY, Tamar. She was born in 1923. Killed by partisans in forests in the area.
SHULKIN, Avraham. Born in 1908. Was with the partisans. Enlisted to the Russian army. Fell at the German front, close to the liberation.

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List of Former Stolpce Residents
Who Died in Israel

Translated by Ann Belinsky


(Right Column)
Hebrew date Civil date
DANTZIK, Chana 5708 1948-1949
GERSHONOWITZ, Sarah 5708 1948-1949
ROZOVSKI, Tsipa 5708 1948-1949
BURSUK, Sasha 5710, 15 Kislev 1949, 6 December
KITIVITZ, Rachel 5711 1949-1950
AGINSKY, Chaya 5719 1959-60
PERLMAN, Basha 5705, 10 Tevet 1944, 26 December
MACHTEI, Fania 5722, 10 Nissan 1962, 14 April
LEVINE, Dov (son of R'Herzl) 5709 1949-1950
EIZKOV, Noach 5709 1949-1950
LEVKOVSKY, Shmuel 5714 1953-1954
(Left column)
KITIVITZ, Shimon 5714 1953-1954
LEVINE, Yaacov 5717 1956-1957
AKON, Baruch 5708, 24 Kislev 1947, 7 December
SERGOVITZ, Moshe 5708 1947-1948
DANTZIK, Tanchum 5722, 9 Iyar 1962, 13 May
REISER, Eliezer 5722, 14 Iyar 1962, 18 May
REISER, Yisrael 5721, 27 Shvat 1961, 13 February
SARNOV, Moshe 5722, 15 Av 1962, 15 August
BURSUK, Mordechai 5722, 22 Tishri 1961, 2 October
PERLMAN, Shimon 5720, 26 Tevet 1960, 26 January
LIVAGINSKY, Shmuel 5724, 16 Iyar 1964, 28 April
EICHEL, Ben Tzion 5724, 10 Elul 1964, 18 August

List of Former Stolpce Residents
Who Died in Argentina

Translated by Ann Belinsky


(Right column)
Yehuda Leib, son of R' Yitzhak NEIFELD
Shimon, son of R' Tzvi TUNIK
Yehudah, son of R' Chaim Yitzhak BURSUK
Mendel, son of R' Yaacov TUNIK
Moshe Lifah, son of R' son of R' Dov GERMIZZA
Ayzik, son of R' Shlomo-Yosef EICHEL
Tzvi, son of R' Zalman TZIPALAVIN (Henia Dvorah's husband)
Payshka, son of R' Tzvi GOLDIN
Meir, son of R' Fishel YANKELOVITZ
Dov, son of R' Shmuel DARAVESKY
Zeev, son of R' Avraham SHULKIN
Avraham, son of R' Yedidia RUSSAK
Yaacov SOVOLEVSKY (Paska TUNIK's husband)
(Left column)
Avraham Yitzhak, son of R' Tzvi MACHTEI
Rachka, daughter of R' Yosek SHULKIN
Ralka, daughter of R' Zvulun TUNIK
Fruma, daughter of R' Haim Yitzhak KATIN
Reizel, daughter of R' Yechzkel BORUCHANSKY
Pasha, daughter of R' Zeev TUNIK
Esther-Hisha, daughter of R' Chaim CHEMLANITZKY
Leah, daughter of R' Moshe LUSTERMAN
Golda, daughter of R' Tevel KUMAK
Hanna-Dvorah, daughter of R' Tzvi MACHTEI-TZIPILOVITZ
Hilda-Mina, daughter of R' Yeshayahu, a grandchild of Leyzer GERMIZZA


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