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Compiled by Peter Haas & Phyllis Kramer



This InfoFile is for JewishGen users interested in finding professional for-fee genealogical researchers experienced in various aspects of genealogical research in Eastern Europe.  This material has been collected from users of JewishGen who have had experiences dealing with such professionals.  Neither JewishGen nor those volunteers who have assembled, organized, and published this material assume any responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the data.  Users of this InfoFile are strongly encouraged to get in touch with any researcher listed, in order to get further information about his/her qualifications, skills and fees.

Additional caveats and cautions about hiring for-fee researchers can be found in the JewishGen InfoFile “Hiring a Professional Genealogist”.

To contribute information to this InfoFile, please contact Peter Haas.

Genealogists Recommended by JewishGen Users

The names of the researchers below are in alphabetical order, by surname.  (Click on any column header to sort alphabetically by that column).

Researcher's Name & Residence Email & Website

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When and Where was most of the Research done? Referring JewishGenner’s Name & E-mail Brief Overview
of the Completed Research Project
Abraham, Vera; Szeged, Csongrad County, Hungary; www. Hungary; Somogy County and Szeged;
Agnes Sotet Archive Research/document translations/Photos. Vera is very familiar with cemeteries. She published books and essays on these. Can also help with visits to cemeteries
Bacskai , Sandor; Budapest, Hungary Hungary; 2008 Jacqueline Pataki Archive Research/document translations. Sandor travelled to view and translate the county records for my family (towns of Tiszalok and Tiszabecs). He will also travel to areas outside of Hungary and send photographs if desired. Found all info I requested of him.
Bielecki, Lukasz Poznan, Poland Bielecki@Rose.Man.Poznan.Pl Galicia/ Poland; 2006 Arnold Chamove Archive Research. Translations. Registered Guide. Drove us to towns. Has done more research for me at reasonable fee. Good English.
Bieniaszewska, Anna; Torun Prussia (West) / Poland; 2006 David Lewin Archive Research. Transcribing old German handwriting. Provide me with wide ranging documentation and background about my father's wider family
Bogusz, Robert; Krakow, Poland Galicia/Poland; 2009/2010 Stephen Schmideg Archive Research
Bohinc, Vladimir
Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Slovakia
Hungary & Slovakia
David Durbin Archive Research: Using the name Antonia Gomperz he found a birth record from 1853. His cost was very reasonable, and he was very responsive. I have used his services for similar searches.
Buck, Gerhard Germany, Hessen/Nassau (West of Frankfurt) John Paul Lowens Archive Research/document translations from old German records. He translates from Latin, French, Hebrew and archaic German dialects. Speaks and writes English fluently.
Cebulski, Tomasz ; Cracow, Poland Galicia/Poland; 2007/2008 Mady Land Archive Research/document translations/city guide/photos. Also creation of family trees
Chastina, Alla; Kishinev, Moldova; Moldova ;
Ariel Parkansky Archive Research; Work different Archives in Kishinev/Bender. Initial fee 100USD no committed result. Results took longer than expected and varied. Please contact JewishGen member for additional information by clicking on members name in the column to the left.
Chastina, Alla;
Kishinev, Moldova; Moldova;
Robert Wascou Archive Research. She is doing research for things that are NOT in the Bessarabia Vital Records database. She communicates in English very well . I am happy with what she is doing but the results are slow because of the large amount of information that I have.
Chymshyl, Victoria
Rivne, Ukraine Ukraine;
Steven Katz Archive Research. Document Translations. Photos of documents found. Preparation of Tree. Victoria was extremely efficient; found numerous relevant documents in a very short period of time, extremely responsive to questions and messages, reasonable fee. Easy and enjoyable to work with.
Cvetkovic, Stasa Novi Sad, Serbia> Hungary, now Serbia, 2011 Susan Wichter Document translation/City Guide. With his car, journeyed to two ancestral towns in the countryside of Serbia with great historical information of the area. Accompanied us to the gov't office.
Denysenko , Alex; Lviv, Ukraine; Ukraine; (1)2009-2010 (2)2011-2016 Richard Stoneand
Marla Raucher
Archive Research/document translations/City Guide/Photos. Alex visited the archives in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine to research our family records. He also researched and led two family tours for us to Western Ukraine and to Galicia in May 2010.
All of the above plus Travel in Ukraine and Moldova twice each year since 2011; project participation in Rohatyn Jewish Heritage
Dorn, Yuri; Minsk, Belarus and U.S. Belarus;
(1) 2005-2010;
(2) 2008-2009
David Fox and
Rishy Savin
David: Archive Research, document translations/city guide/photos. Yuri has done archive research and translations for me personally, as well as projects for the Belarus SIG. Also cemetery restoration. Rishy: Yuri and his researchers found my family records in the archives, made sense of the information , and helped me organize my family connections.
Dunai,Alexander; Lviv, Ukraine; Ukraine ;
(1) Neal Zank ; and
(2) Sol Sylvan
Neal: Archive Research/document translations Sol: Archive Research/document translations/city guide. Found our families in 5 towns back to 1750
Feigmanis, Aleksandrs
Riga, Latvia
(2) 2015
Carola Murray-Seegertand
Susana Leistner Bloch
Photos of city. Aleksandrs provided photos and video for the Byerazino KehilaLink. He also can offer archive research to ca. 1770, cemetery research, document translation, city guiding and wi9ll create detailed genealogical reports in booklet form. (2) city guide
Frankel, Dorin; Researcher deceased 2011 Bukovina;
Yosef Yagur Archive Research. Document Translations. Search of archives to find family members by surname. Data extraction from both Romanian and German documents, including the old German writing (Suetterlin) of the pre-WWI period.
Glikson, Carlos; Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina; 2009-2010 Howard Orenstein Interpreted communications between me and my relatives; prior to our visit he contacted my relatives by phone and email, and acted as our interpreter when we visited
Grycza, Katarzyna (Kasia); Poznan Galicia/Poland; 2005-2007 Liba Maimon Archive Research/document translations. Went to the archive in Poznan, found documents and translated them. Took me to towns connected to my family; touring places of interest to my family.’
Gyemant, Ladislau; Cluj-Napoca, Romania Romania; 2005--2010 Rosanne Leeson Archive Research. Document Translations. Researched and translated about 2 dozen family documents. Has also assisted and advised ROM-SIG, and its members, lectured at IAJGS Conferences, written chapter on Romanian research for Avotaynu Guide.
Jankowski, Tomasz,
Lviv, Ukraine Poland: Piortrkow Trybunalski, Wroclaw
Ukraine: Crimea
2013 (2)
(1) Dina Feldman (2) Sharon Zane (1)Archive Research/doct translations/tour guide. Tomasz is very familiar with the Jewish history of Poland, speaks fluent Polish, English & Hebrew and has access to Ukrainian, Russian and Yiddish. He is an academic researcher. A very reliable and pleasant person. (2)Combed archives; copies and translates documents; helped untangle puzzles; too photos
Jumara, Dan; Iasi, Romania Romania; 2006-2006 Rosanne Leeson Dan Jumara is a ceritifed professional Archivist, who previously worked at the Iasi State Archives in Romania. He was able to locate over a dozen family records for me, and translated from Romanian to English.
Jurca, Dan; Sibiu, Romania Romania; 2009/2010 Brooke Schreier Ganz Archive Research . Dan digitally photographed pre-1896 Jewish record books at the Baia Mare Archives for the Maramaros Jewish Records Indexing Project, and put the images on DVD. He also made copies of the archives' register book inventory lists. Dan speaks English, is easy to work with, is reliable, his prices are reasonable, and he accepts payment via PayPal. I highly recommend him.
Klauzinska , Kamila
Zdunska Wola, Poland Poland/Galicia
Daniel Wagner Archive/USC research (copies, translations) in many Polish archives. Cemetery research. Travels throughout Poland. Speaks English, French, Polish, reads Cyrillic. Very pleasant personality. Did a superb job. Strongly recommended.
Klenovsky, Jaroslav
Bruno; Movaria, Czech Republic Czech Republic; 2007/2008 Eva Browne Archive Research/city guide. Jaroslav is an architect employed by the Jewish community of Brno to restore Jewish sites. He reads English, but speaks only Czech and German. He drove us to the towns where my ancestors lived and has done some research for me at very moderate fees.
Klenovsky, Jaroslav; Brnow,Czech Republic; Czech Republic; 2009
(2) Moravia; Before 2005
(1)Irene Daily
(2) Harry Stadler (no email provided)
Irene: Archive Research. Photos. Followed up on basic data, made handwritten trees and sent notes from the archives and censuses. He writes in German although understands English. Harry: Archive Research. Photos of cemeteries. Extensive search of ancestors.
Koltai, Andras; Budapest; Hungary; 2010;
Richard Moss
Margarita Lacko

Richard: Archive Research. Document Translations; cemetery search. Andras found B/M/D & legal records in central & regional archives. Took us on trip to Paszto Jewish Cemetary & villages of interest. Translated documents from Hungarian & German into English. Very helpful and we enjoyed meeting him.
Margarita: Archive Research; Photographs; Found my grandfather's death date (which I searched for years), took photos of tombstones. Through his guidance, I found information on another branch. Very reliable and knowledgeable - English, German and French. Speaker at IAJGS New York 2006.
Koltai, Andreas; Budapest, Hungary; Hungary;
Stuart Unger Archive Research/document translations. City Guide. “Has passion for Jewish genealogy… Helped put together family tree and served as guide during our visit. Very familiar with history and culture. Goes "the extra mile"….Kind & generous.”
Koszewska, Julia; Warsaw, Poland; Galicia/ Warsaw, Poland; 2009-2010 Nicolas Trokiner Document Translations; City Guide. Provided information on Jewish sites worth seeing in the town, and translated documents.
Krejsa, Susanne Austria, Vienna 2011 Dorit Morag I requested on the discussion list for someone to find a grave inVienna. Susanne went, found the grave (it was full of ivy) and photographed my grandmothers gravestone.
Kristof, Pataricza;
Budapest Hungary Hungary
Ann Wunsch City Guide, Photos. Kristof, who is a qualified architect, guided us through Budapest, took us to Jewish cemeteries, cultural and religious sites; is well educated in the history of Budapest and Hungary and was a charming and informative travel guide.
Lipes, Nadia

Kiev, Ukraine;
Ukraine: Kiev and other Ukrainian cities



Sylvia Walowitz and Fern Blood Sylvia: Archive Research/document translations. Ukraine archive search & translation--English, Hebrew. Has contacts w/local communities. Heritage tours, cemetery research. Fluent English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukranian languages. Fern: To reduce cost, Ms. Lipes combined work for me with others in the same archive, finding & translating birth records from 1906 & 1909. Ms. Lipes was very responsive, and her work was thorough, accomplished, and provided in a timely manner.
Marciniak, Michel Warsaw, Poland; Galicia/ Poland 2007/2008 Nolan Altman Visit archives, research vital records and residence lists; obtain copies of original documents, translate documents and assist with general questions.
Muller, Julius; Praque, Czech Republic;; Czech. Republic; 2009/2010;
(2)before 2005
(1) Peter Haas ;
(2) Diane Jacobs
Archive Research/document translations. To research Czech B/M/D and census data in order to identify as many 19th and/or 18th century ancestors as possible.
(2) Archive Research/document translations/city guide On the basis of the name and birthplace of a ggf, Julius found family records going back another 3 generations and provided copies and translations. He also acted as a guide and took me to the village where the family lived
Noshkina, Tatiana (Tanya);
Lviv, Ukraine Ukraine (Galicia); 2012 Sherri Venezia Archive Research/document translations. City Guide. Tanya provided archival information before trip, met us at airport, Lviv city tour, including all Holocaust and former Jewish areas. We went to my ancestral towns and hamlets, interviewed locals there.
Paley, Vladimir
Moskow, Russia
Carola Murray-Seegert Archive Research/document translations. Discovered vital records from 1876 in the Moscow Synagogue archives and translated them. Found documents for me where other researchers failed. Mr. Paley speaks flluent English and accepts payment through PayPal.
Piwowarczyk , Siarhe;
Belarus Belarus; 2005 Mel Comisarow Archive Research. Found census records
Rapaport, Gabor Hungary & Austria
Robert Schwartz Identify will beneficiaries, obtain probate and distribute proceeds. Mr Rapaport identified me as one of the beneficiaries of the will of my late Aunt who passed away in Austria. He sought and obtained probate and then distributed proceeds
Krakow, Poland Poland
Debbie Wiener Archive Research/document translations/city guide/photos. Viola researched in the archives, translated documents and also telephoned people who I thought might be able to help in tracking my grandparents. She travelled to different cities and when I visited we travelled together. She was terrific.
Royzner, Anna;
Dunayivtsi, Chmelnytsky, Ukraine
Arnold Chamove Archive Research/document translations/city guide. Drove us to towns. Took us to meet relatives. Research at reasonable fee. English teacher.
Researched archives to find B/M/D records for family surname; provided background information on the city of family origin. Communicates fluently in English; provides prompt replies to questions and delivers reports in a timely manner.
Rychlik, Grazyna; Warsaw, Poland; Galicia/ Poland



Philip Freidenreich

Sarah Levinson

Archive Research/document translations. Books of Residents, BMD records in Warsaw, Grojec, Mogielnica; prepared Excel spreadsheet of data

Researched archives to find B/M/D records for family surname;provided additional backround information on the city of family origen Communicates fluently in English,provides prompt replies to questions and delivers reports in a timely manner ..

Saksonov, Alexander;
Vinnitsa, Ukraine; Ukraine; 2010 Harriet Kasow Archive Research. Document Translations. City Guide. Driver. Archive research, translator to English of documents and interviews, photographed documents
Schroeder, Petje; Lodz, Poland Galicia/Poland; (1)2005-2010 Philip Freidenreich (1) Archive Research/document translations; Books of Residents, BMD records in Lodz and environs; prepared Excel spreadsheet and family tree in Word
Selerowicz , Andrzej Galicia/ Poland; 2007/2008 Peter Haas Archive Research/document translations
Shevchenko, Valeriy
Uzhorod Ukraine Ukraine
Elaine Farran City Guide/photos; Crossed borders with us- felt safe at all times; served as guide, driver, interpreter; took us to ancestral villages and spoke/questioned residents; has charming small B&B; knowledgeable gentleman
Silverman, Jeanette
New York Galicia/Poland; Vilnius, Eishyshok, Lithuania, Ostryna
2014, 2015
Robert & Nancy Kravetz Archive Research/document translations. City Guide. Photos. It involved locating living relatives in the US, Europe, Israel, Argentina, &v Holocaust victims records. Comprehensive digitalfamily trees, descendancy reports, including extensive notes, charts, sources were created & over 100 documents found.
Smid, Jakub; Czech Republic Czech Republic; 2007/2008 Peter Haas Archive Research/document translations
Spitzberg, Malka; www. Israel, Malkei; 2007/2008 Gail Spiegel Billow Archive Research/document translations. Worldwide interviews with living relatives. Note: Ancestor/subject of research was: Russian Empire (Pale of Settlement).
Stavila, Veaceslav; Kishinev, Moldova; Moldava
Ariel Parkansky Archive Research; Looked for specific name on census records. Generated 2 docs: detailed list of all info found and graphic tree. He didn't provide copies. Fixed fee of 200USD. Commited work in 3 month but took longer. English basic but enough to communicate.
Stein, Eva Czech Republic 2005/2006 Jan Hellman (email N/A) Archive Research. Researched matrickels and censuses
Steinova, Iva; Praque Czech Republic; 2008-2010 David Lewin Archive Research. Document Translations. City Guide. Conducting wide ranging genealogical research in the Czech Republic
Toma, Andreea; Bucharest, Romania Romania; 2015 Steven Taubman Archive Research. Document Translations. Ms. Toma researched vital records for my family in the archives in Bucharest. She provided photos and translations of vital records she found.
Traciu , Sebastien "Gigi"
Suceava, Romania;
Bukovina (now Romania, Ukraine & Moldavia)
Merle Kastner Archive Research; City Guide: Drove us everywhere we wanted to go - cities, all sites, landmarks, etc. Gigi is an excellent and very knowledgeable guide - he specializes in northern Romania – Bucovina, Maramures, Moldavia and northern Bucovina – Chernivtsi (Ukraine). He take his clients to archives (in person) and help them do research..
Tsarynnyk, Slav
L’viv, Ukraine
(1) Andrew Cohen
(2) Jacob Brandelstein
Archive Research; Doct Translations; City Guide: (1) Researched my family in L'viv/Ukrainian Archives in advance. Translated and scanned documents in Polish and Ukrainian. Arranged for guide who located and took me to five villages near L'viv where we spoke with many locals. (2) A genealogical tour to Turka n/str, a town south west to Lviv. He was our English speaking driver, guide and interpreter. He speaks fluent English and a good Polish.
Vandor,Karesz; Budapest, Hungary Hungary Slovakia
Deborah Long Paula Zeitlin Archive Research/document translations. City Guide. Location of cousins in Hungary. I have had a great experience with him. He speaks and reads a variety of languages, including Hungarian, English, and Hebrew. Not only did he help me locate my missing cousins, he is an excellent tour guide. Travel guide/translator/driver to ancestral village and other sites in Northeastern Slovakia. Speaks and reads English, Hebrew and several other languages. Very congenial and knowledgeable, made it a very meaningful experience. Research B/M/D and census data in Hungary/Slovakian archives prior to and during our visit, found records for many relatives including ggggf, drove us to visit cemetery and ancestral villages in Northern Slovakia; toured Budapest.
Znamirowski, Zenon;
Poland; Poland;
Genia Hollander Research projects related to Forefathers Traces Tours. Wrote to the USC in Suwalki and obtained relevant documents for my family; researched other areas i.e. Wasilishok-Lida and advises of new developments. (since June2013)


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