The Book of Radom;
The Story of a Jewish Community in Poland
Destroyed by the Nazis

(Radom, Poland)

51°25' / 21°09'

Translation of
Sefer Radom

Editors: Y. Perlow; [English section]: Alfred Lipson

Tel Aviv 1961

Our sincere appreciation to Helen Rosenstein Wolf & Susan Dressler
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project.

This is a translation of: Sefer Radom (The book of Radom; the story of a Jewish community in Poland destroyed by the Nazis),
Editors: Y. Perlow; [English section]: Alfred Lipson, Tel Aviv 1961 (Y, E 474 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Radom (1961a)

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Yiddish Section

Contents translated by Yocheved Klausner

Foreword   6
Our Lineage Book Organization of Radom Residents in Israel 7
Editor's Foreword   12
The History of the Jews in Radom
Chapters from the Past Dr. N.M. Gelber (from Hebrew: I.L. Tzuker 17
Pages of history Shmuel Benet 26
Jews in Radom Leizer Fischmsn 28
Equal Rights Judge Joseph Bekkerman 36
Frankfurt is Asking to Return a Debt M. Stashevski 37
The Religious Life
Torah and Hassidism M. S. Geshuri 41
The Modzhisher Rabbi, R'Israel Taub M. S. Geshuri 41
The Rabbi R'Yakov Yerachmiel Taub M. S. Geshuri 42
The Bialovshener Rabbi R'Shraga Yair Rabinowitz and his son R'Nathan–David M. S. Geshuri 42
The Rabbi R'Yosef Eliezer Rabinowitz M. S. Geshuri 42
Tha Rabbi R'Moshe Elyakum Briya Frimer M. S. Geshuri 43
The Rabbi R'Eliezer Elimelekh Rokach M. S. Geshuri 43
The Hassidim Shtiblech [Shtibel = Hassidic prayer house] M. S. Geshuri 44
The Community and its Rabbis – a general overview Leizer Fishman 47
Rabbi Yehoshua Landau M. S. Geshuri 49
Rabbi Gavriel Dantziger M. S. Geshuri 50
Rabbi Shmuel Mohliver M. S. Geshuri 50
Rabbi Eliezer Leib Treistman Leizer Fishman 51
Rabbi Yechiel Kestenberg and his personal tragedy Leizer Fishman 52
From the Press   55
Judges in the Religious Court [Dayanim]
Rabbi Eliezer Weinsaft M. S. Geshuri 57
Rabbi Aharon Hakohen Mildman M. S. Geshuri 57
R'Shraga Feivel Mildman M. S. Geshuri 58
Rabbi Menachem–Mendel Halevy Kestenberg M. S. Geshuri 58
Rabbi Menachem–Mendel Weingart M. S. Geshuri 58
Rabbi Shmuel Teitelbaum Leizer Fishman 58
Ritual Slaughterers   59
Cantors M. S. Geshuri, Leibel Richtman 62
Yeshivas Leibel Richtman 65
Hevra Kadisha [Burial Society] Leibel Richtman 66
Finally, the Talmud–Tora Melech Guthertz 67
Municipal Activity
The Community Moshe Rotenberg 71
The Judge Moshe Rotenberg 77
Community Activists   86
The Three who were Hanged M. R. 90
”Our Equal Rights”   90
A Victim of the Riots Bunem Zucker 91
The Pshitik Events Yehoshua R. 93
Nothing (poem) Alter Wolf Wertheim 98
The Enlightenment Period; Culture and Education
The “Enlightenment” [Haskala] Pinchas Gal 101
The First National Educators   103
Pioneers of Enlightenment and Education   104
The High–School   108
The Principal of the School, Horowitch   109
Yeshaya Goldstein; Esther Melchior   110
Educational Institutions   111
Melamdim and Teachers Leibel Richtman 112
The Students–Group “Hashomer” A. Rosenfeld 116
The Academic Circle   117
The “Hazamir” [nightingale] Circle Dr. Henia Rakotch 117
The Gisser Music–School; Theater and Art   118
Drama Clubs   119
Memories from the Drama Clubs Chaim Elboim 120
Libraries   121
The Fruits of Education H. L. Huberman 122
My Home Town (poem) Malka Rosenzweig–Plotzki 123
Ways and Activities of a National Leader
Yechiel ben Israel Frenkel Collected and adapted by Leibel Richtman 127
The Family Home Miriam Frenkel–Schwartz 130
Commerce, Craft, Industry
An Industrial Center Eng. Tzimmerman 133
Jews in the Leather–Industry Moshe Rotenberg 134
Jewish Workers S. Wachs 137
The Merchants' Union Aharon Merin 137
Banks, Credit–Cooperations   138
Cooperations and Craftsmen Shalom Strovthinski 141
Vocational School   143
“ORT”   143
Figures in the Economic Life   144
Philanthropic Activities
The Jewish Hospital Yehoshua Helfant 151
The Home for the Aged   154
The Silver Key (to the opening of the Home for the Aged) I. L. Zucker 155
The Orphanage   155
Aid–Society for Women in Childbirth   157
Linat Tzedek [free accomodation for guests]   157
“T O Z”   158
Great Charity: Nurses' Help   159
“Ezra” Leizer Fischman 160
“Ahi'ezer”   160
“Hachnasat Kala” [help for poor brides]   160
“Hachnasat Orhim” [Welcoming Guests]   160
Help for the imprisoned   160
Jewish Support Committee   161
Refugees Committee   162
Activists in Various Societies   162
”Gemilut Hasadim” [Free–of–Interest Loan Fund]   163
Society for Mutual Help   163
Philanthropists and Good–Doers   164
Hibat Zion and the Zionist Movement Pinhas Gal 173
Baron Rothschild and the Radom people (a Letter)   174
The Zionist Movement is Getting Organized Pinhas Gal 175
The Jewish Printing–Shop in Drilosh Moshe Shadmi 177
The General Zionist Organization Moshe Rothenberg 178
A letter from the Austrian Occupation   179
1911 – 1918 Moshe Shoshani 181
The Aliya from Radom   183
The “Lithuanian Commune”   183
The beginning of the Third Aliya Moshe Pomrok 183
Episodes from the “105 Group” A. Rosenfeld 185
The Third Aliya Yechiel Golembyovski 186
The Fourth Aliya   187
The “Hechalutz” Farm Chaim Teichman 188
Memories from the Farm   189
The League for “Working Eretz Israel” Moshe Stashevski 190
Hashomer Hatza'ir Sala Blumstein 191
The Po'alei Zion Movement S. Ben–Chaim 192
The Pioneer [Halutz] Movement Yona Ben–Yaakov 195
Benot Zion [The Daughters of Zion] Devora Banker–Grushkewitz 195
The Hechalutz Fund   196
The Kibbutz “Drei Voven” [Three “Vav” Letters – Varsaw, Volhyn, Vilna]   196
The Training Kibbutz named after R'Shmuel Mohliver Israel Grintz 197
The “Bereshit” Kibbutz of the “Torah Va'avoda” Movement   197
“Massada” Fela Burstein 198
“Mizrahi” and the “Torah Va'avoda” Movement Dr. I. M. Grinitz 198
The Revisionist Movement Att. Israel Gertner 200
”Menorah” Moshe Reichnadel 203
”Agudat Israel” Yitzhak Reichman 203
Activists and Movements   205
The Strikes in 1905 (correspondence)   209
The “Bund” and the Professional Unions   210
The Bells Began to Ring Samuel Grossfeld 210
Radom Sons – fallen in the Spanish Civil War Alfred Grant 212
Radom Professions (poem) Yehoshua Lender 214
Writers and their Works
The Radom Writers Pleiad   217
Yehoshua Perle (bio–bibliography)   218
Perle, the Painter of the Polish Landscape I. Lender 218
The “All–Year” Jews Yehoshua Perle 219
Leib Mal'ach (bio–bibliography)   223
The Road Back (a tale) Leib Mal'ach 224
Moshe David Gisser (bio–bibliography)   226
Poems Moshe David Gisser 227
Moshe David, continued   229
A Safe Harbor Uri Gisser. From Spanish: Yona Obadovski 229
The Mirror and I (poem) Tamar Gisser. From Hebrew: I. Perlov 230
Lea Finkelstein (bio–bibliography)   231
Avira DePolania [Polish Air] Lea Finkelstein 231
Chaim Mordechai Fliegelman (bio–bibliography) I. L. Zucker 234
Yehuda and Tamar Ch. M. Fliegelman 234
Yehuda Leib Wollman I. L. Zucker 236
Dr. Yitzhak Weinberg   237
A. Lehrman   237
Tuvia Rothman   238
“Not by Might, nor by Power” (poem) [from Zekharya 4:6] Tuvia Rothman 238
Authors – Torah Commentators:
Naftali ben Pinchas–Zev HaLevy M. S. Geshuri 239
Meir HaLevi Borstein M. S. Geshuri 239
Rabbi Yehuda Rosenberg M. S. Geshuri 239
Eliezer Lipman Perl M. S. Geshuri 240
Rabbi Yeshaya Zlotnik Israel Grinitz 240
Newspapers and Editors   241
The Artist A. Rosenbaum Yechiel Aronsohn 243
Artists, Musicians, Writers   244
A Town with Jews
The Beautiful Polish–Jewish Town Lea Radomska 247
The Old Garden (poem) Alter Wolf Wertheim 248
(Fragments from A Goldene Pave = a Golden Peacock) Yehoshua Perle 249
People tell…. Moshe Stashevski 252
Curiosities Ch. Teichman 254
The Synagogues Street Melech Gutherz 255
Memories I. L. Zucker 256
Mordechai Beinish – the Firefighter I. L. Zucker 259
The Life of a Proletarian Avraham Storch 260
Two poems H. L. Huberman 263
Jewish Women on Shabat (poem) N. D. Korman 264
Shabat Days and Holidays Feige Rachel Benett 264
Yose'le the son of the Midwife Yechiel Popyelnik 265
Yakov Hershe'le the informer Yechiel Popyelnik 266
Tales S. Margalit 267
The Cripple Gitel Rosenzweig–Farber 272
A Dibbuk Mordechai Zucker 273
About Three Rabbis   274
The Destruction of Radom
September Days 1939   277
The March of the German Army into Radom   278
The Judenrat   279
Kiddush–Hashem [Martyr's Death, lit.Sanctification of the Name of God]   279
Lack of Living conditions, Forced Labor and Jewish Offices   281
Living – to the Death   282
In Lublin and at the Russian Border   283
The first Expulsion   284
Ghetto; The Jewish Police; The office for living conditions   285
The Administration of the Ghetto   286
It Becomes more and more Difficult   287
A Regular Day in the Ghetto   288
The Sanitation Conditions   290
Political Life in the Ghetto   292
Cultural Life in the Ghetto   296
Religious Life in the Ghetto   298
Robbings, Murders, Aktzias   299
Work–Places   300
Liquidation of the Glinitz Ghetto   301
After the Liquidation of the Glinitz Ghetto   303
Liquidation of the Big Ghetto   306
Evacuation of the Jewish Hospital, Orphanage and Home for the Aged   311
After the Evacuation   312
The number of Jews in the Radom District   314
In the Little Ghetto   316
The Jewish Property   317
Daily Life in the Little Ghetto   317
The Ghetto Administration   318
Work Places and Labor Camps   319
The “Little Bet Midrash” in the Little Ghetto   319
Several Families Travel to Eretz israel   320
Registration at the Relatives in Eretz Israel   320
Evacuation to Shidlovtze   321
The Murder on New–Year's Night   321
The Aktzia on 13 January 1943   321
The Execution on 20 January   322
The Imprisoned in the Camps   322
Execution for Being Absent at Work   322
Jews from France in Radom   322
The “Intelligentsia Aktzia,” Purim 1943   323
The Murder in Volyanov   325
One Hundred Jews from Maydanek to Radom   325
Daily Murders   325
Liquidation of the Little Ghetto   326
The Concentration Camp on Shkolne Street   327
A Bunker was Discovered   328
The Front comes Closer; A Jew is Missing at the Roll Call   328
The Bloody March Radom–Tomashov–Auschwitz   329
The Women in Auschwitz   332
In Maidanek, Pleshov and Vielitchki   333
The Fate of the Radom Women in Maidanek   335
On the Cursed German Soil: The concentration Camps:
   Feihingen, Hessenthal, Unterriksingen, Dautmergen, Schoenberg, Bietingen   336
   Pianki, Auschwitz, Hindenburg, Bergen, Baumlitz, Elsingen   339
The Evacuation from Feihingen to Dachau   340
Radom People in Maidanek, Pleshov–Vielitchki, Mathausen, Giessen   343
A List of suffering Radom Jews in Feihingen   344
A List of suffering Radom Jews in Dachau   345
A List of Suffering Jews in Feihingen, from Various Towns   345
Radom Martyrs and Rebels in Auschwitz I. Eiger 346
“Kol Nidrei” in Auschwitz and the Revenge on a Kapo Yona Borenstein 350
A Seder Pesach in Feihingen Moshe Perl (from Hebrew: L. Richtman) 351
The Liberation of a Radom Group Moshe Kirschenblatt 352
Partisans, Heroes and Martyrs L. Richtman 354
The Death of a Hero Partisan Shmuel Guttman 362
Two Figures in the Ghetto:
Rabbi Israel Shapira Leibel Richtman 365
Felicia Horowitch Lea Pines 365
A Child in Hell Sarah Neidik–Wallach 366
Wanderers (Radom Refugees in The Soviet Union) M. Stashefski 366
Jewish Life in Radom after Liberation Yakov Weingort 372
The Death of my Sister Reizl Chana Grodzinski 374
People in Hiding Binyamin Ellis 375
The Wedding (poem) M. D. Giesser 378
The German Exile
The “Radom Center” in Stuttgart Leibel Richtman 381
The Stuttgart Events Leibel Richtman 392
Shmuel Danziger z”l Leibel Richtman 393
The Illegal Aliya and the Deportation to Cyprus Sarah Neidik–Wallach 393
The New Generation (poem) M. D. Giesser 394
In Our Own Country
Our Town People from the Second Aliya   397
Over Borders M. Stashefski 398
Meetings with A. D. Gordon and Yosef Trumpeldor David Tzidkuni 398
Malka'le Neidik's Hut Miriam Shir 399
The Virgin Family Yechiel Frenkel 401
Working Places in the Country I. L. Zucker 402
A Letter from Radom Moshe Seifman 402
Three who have not survived Yehuda G. 403
Radom Hero Sons, who have Sacrificed their Young Lives for the State of Israel,
in the War of Independence and the Sinai Campaign
Collected and Prepared by Leibel Richtman  
Bakman Nechemia   407
Ben–Dor Chaim   407
Ze'ira Zvi–Zev   407
Minkovski Motl   408
Salbe Shlomo   408
Smotritch Yitzhak   408
Friedman Menachem   409
Fichtenbaum Hillel   409
Kaufman Menachem   409
Kleinman Immanuel   409
Rosenbaum Yosef   410
Rothman Yitzkhak–Meir   410
Schwartzman Israel   410
Fighters and Defenders
Zelker Dov Berl P. Gal 411
Birenbaum Chaim Shmuel Zucker 412
Shmuel Noam–Zucker I. L. Zucker 412
A Soldier Fell in Battle (sonnet) Moshe Knapheiss 413
Social Leaders, Died in our Country   414
My Mother Yehuda G. 421
Kadish (poem) M. D. Giesser 421
“The Organization of Former Radom Residents in Israel” Leibel Richtman 422
Eretz Israel (poem) M. D. Giesser 426
Radom Jews Throughout the World
1. In America
The First Radom Congregation   429
The “Radom Culture Center”   430
40 Years to the “United Radomer Relief” A. Lipson 432
The History of the Relief Shlomo Lifshitz 433
Employees, Committee Members and Avtivists in New York   435
50 years to the Radom Workers Circle, Branch 369 Samuel Grossfeld 435
“Radomer Mutual Society” in New–York Israel Glatt 436
2. In Canada
“Radomer Mutual Benefit Society” in Toronto   439
The History of the Radom Aid Society in Montreal Yechiel Popper–Popielnik 440
“Benei Radom” [Radom People, lit. Radom Sons] in Toronto   441
In Australia
The Radom Center in Melbourne Shmuel Benett 441
In France
The Society “Friends of Radom” in Paris Ch. L. Huberman 442
The “Patronate”   443
After the Destruction Moshe Epstein 444
Two Trips S. Fischman 446
The Founders of the Society “Friends of Radom”   446
English Section
Foreword   III
Introduction   VII
Part I: Creative Years
Pages from the Past   3
Pioneers in Industry and Fighters for Freedom   5
Religious Life in Radom   7
Modern Currents   12
Center of Industry   15
Pioneers in Industry   20
Jewish Education in Radom   22
Radom's Contribution to Literature and Art   27
Yechiel Frenkel – A Portrait of a Civic and National Leader   29
Municipal Affairs   31
Pogrom in Przytyk   33
Part II: The Years of Disaster
Under Nazi Rule   39
The Ghettos in Radom   42
Health Conditions in the Ghetto   47
Cultural Activities in the Ghetto   49
Robbery and Murder   51
Labor Camps   58
K.L. on Szkolna   63
Death Camps   66
A Modern Odyssey   68
Vaihingen and Dachau   70
Journey to Life   72
Part III: Rebellion
Active and Passive Resistance   77
Part IV: Recovery
In the Displaced Persons Center of Stuttgart   85
UNRRA and its Role   90
Part V: Building Anew
Radomers – Pioneers in Israel   95
In Australia   96
In France   98
In Canada   99
In the United States   100
History of the United Radomer Relief   106
In the Service of Their People   113
Who's Who in Literature and the Arts   115
Radom Name Index   116


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