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Yizkor – Remember

Translated by Janie Respitz

How can I sing, please tell my, when my world is so dismal,
How can I play with broken hands?
Where are my dead? I search in every refuse, in every pile of ashes…Oh, tell me where you are?

Shout out from every grain of sand, from under every stone,
Shout from all the dust, from all the flames, from all the smoke –
It's your blood, sap, it's the marrow of your bones,
It's your flesh and life, shout out, shout loud!

Yizkhak Katzenelson “The Song of the Murdered Jewish People”.

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Murdered and Deceased Radom Jews Inscribed Here to Perpetuate their
Memory by Their Relatives and Friends in America and Canada

Translated by Janie Respitz

Bekermeyster Hene and her children Teme and Morris.

Deported from Paris in 1942

Submitted by Alter Bekermeyster.

Berkovitch Shimon Ben Berl and his wife Rokhl Bat Yakov.

Killed in Radom in 1943.

Submitted by D. Berkovitch

Birneboym Sholem Yitzkhak, Meir Birenboym and Shmuel Eliyahu Birenboym, the children of Khaim Yakov Birenboym.

All murdered by the Nazis.

Submitted by their daughter Khave Pomerantz


Birenboym Berl Mentke's his wife Esther Bat Rokhl Batche's, son Khaim, cousin Veysman Nekhe.

All killed in 1942-1945.

Submitted by their daughter Khave Pomerantz


Eykhnboym, Aron and Bina and their children: Eliezer, Shayndl, Yehoshua, Esther Rivka, Malkele, Yosil, Yakov and Yente.

Drezner, Meir and Dvoyre
Kazlovsky, Yisroel, Nekhe and Khaim Yehoshua.

Murdered in 1942

Eyzenman, Soreh, murdered in Treblinka and her son Yitzkhak was killed in Unterrexingen.

Submitted by her husband and his father.

Esterzon, Feygele (Herbst). Esterzon Nokhem Volf, Esterzon Shayndele wife of Rozenboym, Esterzon Makhtze, Esterzon Gitele wife of Staraviesky, Esterzon Khaim Hersh, children: Rozenboym Shimon, Sorele, Tzirele, Mendl.

Bielsky Yerakhmiel and his wife Brokha, the parents of: Moishe, Yosef, Yitzkhak, Shmuel and Yakov.

Berkovitch Khaya Gitl

Provided by Burly – Bleiweiss

Brandveyn Rafael and Tzirl, their children: Avrom, Moishe, Mendl and Khave Ite. All were deported to Glinitze.
Brandveyn Yosef, killed in Germany.
Khenchinsky Meir and Feyge Royze and their children.

Submitted by Yisroel Brandveyn

Blaykhman Efraim Fishl Ben Meir, Blaykhman Khaye Bat Mendl, Blaykhman Moishe Ben Efraim Fishl, Balykhman Perl Bat Tzirl, Blaykhman Drezil Bat Perl, Blaykhman Yekhiel Ben Moishe, Blaykhman Yitzkhak ben Moishe, Blaykhman Shmaryahu Ben Efraim Fishl, Blaykhman Mina Bat Tzirl.

Adler Yisakhar Ben Ruven, Adler Tova bat Khaya, Adler Moishe Ben Yisakhar, Adler Ruven Ben Yisakhar.

All killed in Radom in 1943.

Submitted by Ben Zion Blaykhman

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Birenboym Motel and Yehudis, son Khaim Yakov and his children: Sholem Yitzkhak, Meir and Shmuel Eliyahu.

Birenboym Berl Ben Efraim and Golde with their children: Yekhezkl Simkha and Avrom Abush, Khaim, Hinde Leah

Died in Radom 1942-1944

Submitted by Eti and Rivka Haym


Liverant Perl Rokhl, her husband Yakov, children: Moishele, Khavele, and Shloimele.

Tzingiser Hinde Leah, her husband Khaim, children Moishele, Tcherne and Brokhe.

Submitted by the Glatt family.

Glinkevitch Pinkhas, Esther Rivka, Rokhl Leah, Yisroel and Yosef. Killed in 1941


Blatman Berek, Raytze, Rokhl, Royze.
Parents Baumgarten Hirshl and Tcharne and their family.

Submitted by Pola Yuli – Baumgarten.

Glatt Moishele and Khavele, the children of Yisroel and Gitele.

Killed in 1942-1944

Submitted by their parents Yisroel and Gitlele Glatt


Brother Glatt Avrom Khaim, his wife Hadas and child Khavele.
Sisters: Shayndl Malke Brukman, her husband Leybush and children: Perl, Tcharne Reyzl, Moishele.

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Goldfarb Khaim, Yitzkhak Dovid.

Tenenboym, Yudis, Sherman Feyge, Tobeh, Dovid, Shloime and Yidl.

Submitted by Zaynvel Goldfarb

Goldfarb Avrom and Kayle and their son Sholem Yitzkhak.

Provided by Khanele Goldfarb

Ruzhke Goldfarb Fridman

Submitted by A. Goldfarb

Goldfarb Soreh and her children Yekhezkl, Ezra and Rokhl Leah. Killed in Treblinka.

Goldberg Morris and Mine


Gutman Shloime and Soreh and two sons and four daughters, Gutman Yisroel and Bayle with two children, Gutman Volf and Bayle with two daughters.

Gershteyn Mordkhai Beynish and his family

Submitted by their son Moishe Max Gershteyn.

Goldshmid Yisroel and Rokhl (Shepsman), Fridman Dovid and Khane (Goldshmid) with their four children. Fridman Hirsh Leyb and Yente (Goldshmid) and their three children.

Goldberg Shayndl Bine, Goldberg Hitzel.

Deported from Glinitze in 1941.

Submitted by Helen Goldshteyn

Glikvand Shmule Eliyahu and Rivka and their children: Yisroel Yosef, Khaim and Yokheved, Glikvand Sholem.

Deported from the Radom Ghetto.

Ginzburg Yekhiel and Khane and their children: Leybush Aron, Gitlele and Rivka.

Goldfarb Avigdor and his children Hele and Shmuel.

Grafshteyn Levy and Toybe and their children Volf and Feyge Rokhl Grafshteyn Zilbershteyn.

Kirshnboym Khanve and her son Volf and Yakov Shimon.

Submitted by Kirshenboym

Garfinkel Hershl and Perel.

Gutman Efraim and Dvoyrele

Gutman Abush and Leybele

Goldberg Mordkhai and Breyndl and their daughter Matil.

Gisser Peysakh, Altman Khaye, Doris, Rokhl Dvoyre, Pinkhas Asher.

Tauber Khaim Mordkhai and Soreh Rivka.

Farbman Hershl and Malke.

Brayt Moishe and Malke and their family.

Yitzkovitch Izik, Zilberberg Borukh, Tzuker Yekhiel and Shvartzbard.

Submitted by Altman.

Gutman Eliyahu Hersh and Ester Ite, son Yosef, grandmother Shitkovska Brokhe.

Submitted by H. Gutman.

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Huberman Motl (a teacher) and Bayle, their son Moishe and his wife Khaye Rivkele.

Veysbord Yakov, Finkelshteyn Max.

Submitted by Dr. Nosn Huberman.

Gutman Aron Borukh and Khaye Leah.

Milshteyn Gavriel, Perl, Yerakhmiel.

Murdered in 1942.

Provided by Khaim and Yakov Gutman



Hokhman Shmuel Yosef and Reyzl

Deported from Radom in 1942.

Submitted by their son Avigdor.

Hendel Moishe, Shmuel, Yosef Meir, Yakov, Esther and Tova.

Provided by Elke Hendel.

Hinde (Zuske Shuster's daughter).

Killed in Radom in 1942.

Huberman Yisroel Yosef and Khave Reyzl and their children: Rokhl Ite Fridman and her three children: Shloime, Moishe and Khanele; Yoyne Fridman, killed as a partisan. Falant Yehoshua Yoyne and Bayle with three children: Moishe, Simkha and Khanele; Huberman Shaul, Ruven; Feynshteyn Yisroel and Blumeh and their child Pinkhas.

Submitted by M. Maltzmakher.


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