The Book of Radom;
The Story of a Jewish Community in Poland
Destroyed by the Nazis

(Radom, Poland)


Translation of
Sefer Radom

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Editor of Original Yizkor Book: Y. Perlow; [English section]: Alfred Lipson
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Reproduction of Photographs: Stefanie Holzman
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The first records of Jews in Radom are from the year 1568 after which a chain of Jewish tribulations, decrees, persecutions, and expulsions began. Despite it all, the Jewish people thrived. The struggle for rights of residency in the settlement succeeded, and it became an important Jewish city.

Radom was a dynamic Jewish city of industry and commerce, Torah and Hassidism, love of Zion and ideals of freedom; a city with fine wealthy philanthropists and honorable workers; intelligentsia and folksy, simple and sincere Jews.

There were rabbinic personalities, who at first were the pride of the city, and later, of all Poland. There were tens of cheders and two Talmud Torahs.

In the final years before the Holocaust, Radom had a Jewish population of approximately 30,000 individuals (about 34% of the total population).

All this came to a bitter end when the Germans occupied the city in September of 1939. At the beginning of 1940, labor camps for Jews were set up in the Radom area. In the spring of 1941 two separate ghettos were established. Mass killings and deportations followed.

May this book be a memorial to all those who lived, worked and dreamed in Radom. To the proud and lively community that no longer exists.


Radom, Poland is located at 51°25' N 21°09' E and is 58 miles south of Warsaw.


Alternate names of the Town:

Radom [Pol, Rus], Rudem [Yid], Rodem


Nearby Jewish Communities:

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Przysucha 23 miles W   Mniszew 30 miles


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