The Turobin Book;
In Memory of the Jewish community
(Turobin, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Turobin; pinkas zikaron

Editor: M. S. Geshuri

Published in Tel Aviv 1967

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This is a translation of: Sefer Turobin; pinkas zikaron (The Turobin book; in memory of the Jewish community),
Editor: M. S. Geshuri, Former Residents of Turobin in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1967 (H,Y 3467 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Turbin

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


1. The Portal
Photograph of the members of the Editorial Board 3
Photograph of the members of the Organization Committee 4
Table of Contents 5
List of photographs 7
About the Book Editorial Committee 8
Foreword [H] The Editor 9
Foreword [Y] The Editor 12
Map of Turobin 14
Demographic chart of the Turobin population 15
2. Chapters of History
History of the Jewish settlement in Turobin M. S. Geshuri 18
History of the Jews in Turobin - sources 87
Jewish settlements in the neighborhood of Turobin 91
Historic time-table of Turobin:
    a. General
    b. Jewish 92
3. Life in Town
History of the town Yehoshua Ben-Ari (Silberklang) 96
Way of life Yakov Avituv 115
The Bet Hamidrash in Turobin Yakov Avituv 125
In our Bet Hamidrash Mordechai Yoskowitz 126
Rabbis who served in Turobin 128
Scholars in Torah and Hassidism
    a. Beginnings of Hassidism in Turobin and surroundings 129
    b. Rabbi Noah Shmuel Lifschitz, ABD in Turobin 134
    c. A native of Turobin - a great scholar and Rav in Jerusalem 136
    d. Rabbi Eliyahu Halevi Landa, ABD in Turbin M. S. Geshuri 139
    e. The ADMOR of Turobin, Rabby Yakov Weissbrod z”l Shimon Halamish 141
Welcoming the Sabbath in town Itamar Hopen 147
The “Deposit” Y. L. Peretz 149
Characteristic sayings, conversations and anecdotes Berl Sonntag 151
Nicknames of towns in the Lublin district Shimon Halamish 154
The soul Itamar Hopen 156
4. On the Way to Zion
Cultural activity in Turobin Arie Goldfarb 161
Traditional and Zionist life in town (memories) Shimon Halamish 165
The “Tarbut” Library 170
The first Halutz (pioneer) makes Aliya to Eretz Israel Itamar Hopen 172
Herish Biterman goes to Eretz Israel Israel Amir 174
The Hechalutz movement Itamar Hopen 175
The Hechalutz movement Israel Amir 179
Mizrahi and Hapoel Hamizrahi movements Yehoshua Ben-Ari 181
The Revisionist movement Yosef Kopf 183
The Jewish “Eternal Wanderer” Itamar Hopen 185
The “Bund” party in Turobin 189
The Bet Yaakov School
5. Figures and Types
Four generations of a Turobin Family Avraham and Aharon Bomfeld 194
Personalities and experiences:
    a. The Ger Tzedek (a gentile converted to Judaism) 204
    b. Turobin's hero, Fendri 206
    c. Yehoshua Lieberbom z”l 208
    d. R'Alter Scherf z”l (one of the lamed vav [36 “hidden righteous”]) 209
    e. R'Alter Schneiderberg Itaman Hopen 210
Figures in our town Israel Amir 211
In memory of the departed: Mother and son Mordechai Yoskowitz 213
R'Aizik, the “soltis” (leader) of the town 215
The family of R'Moshe Leib Silberklang 215
A beautiful and pious family S. Barkay 218
The Gutbertz family, may God avenge their blood A. Ginnaton 223
6. Destruction of the Turobin Community
On the murdered Jewish People Yitzhak Katzenelson 227
The Town is on Fire Mordechai Gebirtig 228
List of Turbin martyrs, may God avenge their blood 229
German extermination camps in Poland 254
The days of darkness Shlomo Weissmilch (member of the Underground) 256
The town and the rural neighborhood Yehoshua Ben-Ari 266
Memories [Y] Ita Fass 271
A living testimony - Chana Gewirtz z”l [Y] Berl Sonntag 288
Memories [Y] Yechezkel Boinstein 294
Under the rule of murderers [Y] Tzviya Blutman-Einvoyner 304
War Tragedies: [Y] Arie Goldfarb
    Avraham Peltz and his wife Neche 307
    Yakov Feder z”l 307
Life experiences [Y] Yerachmiel Foigel 307
In memory of the martyr Mendel Shmurek z”l [Y] Dov Sonntag 310
Chone Blutman - Avraham Treger [Y] 313
Table of Memorial Days for Turobin and surroundings 314
7. Life in Town [Y]
The town Turobin Itamar Hopen 318
The Turobin ADMOR R'Yakov Weissbrod z”l Shimon Schlaferman 327
Seven Good Years Y. L. Peretz 331
”A Jew reciting Tehillim” (Psalms) Itamar Hopen 334
”A Guest for the Night” 336
A soul Itamar Hopen 338
Memories Avraham Boimfeld 341
Characteristic sayings, conversations and anecdotes Berl Sonntag 347
Turbin Sayings Yosef Kopf 350
Merchants' and Craftsmen's Co-operative Bank Arie Goldfarb 352
The Craftsmen Association 352
The Revisionist Organization in Turbin Yosef Kopf 353
Agudat Israel in Turobin 355
A Modrzyc nigun [melody] wandered to Turobin 355
Rav Yechiel Kaminski 358
Yehoshua Lieberboim z”l Itamar Hopen 360
The Kopf family 361
8. Turobin Landsleit in Israel and in the World
Turobin Landsleit in Israel [Y] 363
Turobiner in Israel, working and building 365
With the organization of former residents of Turobin and surroundings 372
Heroes of the War of Independence
     Uriel Goldfarb 382
     Efraim Kopf 383
     Arie (Leibel) Rosenfeld 384
Turobin Landsmanshaft in Israel [Y] 385
Former Turobin residents in Israel - list of names and addresses 387
Former Turobin residents in other countries - list of names and addresses 390
9. An Eternal Candle - Necrology
Jaffe, Weber and Fuchs Families 392
Yitzhak Leichter from New York 393
Gila Urbas (Kapenboim) 394
Shimshon son of Birech Geier 395
R'Avraham Zwecken, may God avenge his blood 395
The Freiberg Family 396
Chaim ben Tuvia Kapenboim Family 397
Introduction in English 398
Foreword in English 399

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