Remember Satmar;
The Memorial Book of the Jews of Satmar
(Satu Mare, Romania)

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Translation of
Zekhor et Satmar; sefer ha-zikaron shel yehudei Satmar

Editor: Naftali Stern

Published in Bnai Brak 1984


Hebrew Translator

Carol Ungar


Translation Editors

Karen Leon, Jane S. Gabin & Allison H. Benson


Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Zekhor et Satmar; sefer ha-zikaron shel yehudei Satmar
(Remember Satmar; the memorial book of the Jews of Satmar),
Editor: Naftali Stern, Published: Bnai Brak 1984 (H, Hu 400 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Satu Mare

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Yizkor - Kadish - Memorial Prayer   6
“Out of the depths I call to You” The Editor 9
Yizkor to Marcel Berger and Ari Katz 19
Why were we so delayed in putting out this book?   20
The Story of the Community of Satmar from its Founding Until the Holocaust   22
The Satmar Rabbis z”l   33
Chaya Roiza (Roizaleh) z”l, the daughter of the Rebbe   42
The Tzaddik Rabbi Eliezer Fish z”l   44
The visit of the Biksader Rebbe to Satmar   45
HaRav HaGaon Rabbi Avraham Hanoch Friedman z”l   46
Tiferet Bachurim   47
Cantors in Satmar   48
The City of Satu Mare and its Jews Professor Haim Shamir 50-53
Auschwitz: the story of Moshe Neufeld (Kibbutz Barkai)   53-55
My visit to the Dachau Camp Naftali Stern 56
“And of Zion it shall be said” (Psalms 86:5) Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Kelmer 57
I remember Satmar Well Yehuda Fried 57-58
Ghetto Suicides   59-62
List of synagogues and study halls in Satmar until the destruction   63
The Police search in the synagogues   64-65
A New Immigrant from the Next World   66
Uncle Kapeli, aged two weeks   67
My War with G-d   68-69
Good memories of a good doctor   70
74 Degree Heat   71-72
The Golden Album of Jewish First World War Veterans from the Hungarian Army   72
Family memories (in three series)   73-144
Purim in Satmar   145
Zionism   145-149
20 Otbosh Street, More memories   148
Jewish Life in Post War Satmar   149
Erratum The Editor 151
The Promise I Didn't Keep Moshe Neufeld 152-153
Why? Anna Hegedus 156-157
Uncle Stern remained hungry   157-158
The loss of the photographs of the 1946 memorial service   158
The Editor's Parting Words The Editor 159
Acknowledgements   159-160
Hungarian Table of Contents

Translated by Ágnes Szegő

Photographs of Satu Mare   4
Prisoner's ID card and number   9
Map of Northern Transylvania and martyr ceremony in the heroes' cemetery   10
The Editor's forward   11–18
Yizkor: Nándor Singer and his companions, Marcel Berger for Arie Katz   19
Satu Mare in English   20
Why were we (the Jews) 40 years late with the publication of our memorial book?   21–23
The history of the Jewish community in Satu Mare from its foundation to the Holocaust   24–40
Chief Rabbis of Satu Mare   40–47
Chief Rabbis Dr. Jordán Singer and Dr. József Friedman, z”l   29–30
Chief Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum's meeting with the Romanian King, Charles II    
Chaja Raize Teitelbaum violates the holiday   48
Lázár Fisch, the Rebbe of Bixad   49
Rabbi Mose David Winternitz, Rosh Beit Din   49–50
Rabbi Avrahám Chánoch Friedman, Dayan   50–51
Synagogues and houses of prayer in Satu Mare   51
Jewish Cantors of Satu Mare   52
The town and the Jews of Satu Mare–written by Prefessor Cháim Sámir   53–57
Auschwitz–written by Mose Neufeld   58–61
Suicides of the ghetto   62–67
A new immigrant from the afterlife   67–68
House search in the synagogues on the last day of Passover   68–70
Struggle with the Creator   70–71
Sad memory of a good doctor of Satu Mare (Dr. Gyula Lasz's death)   71–72
Seventy four degree fever   73–74
Uncle Kapli at the age of two weeks   75
Letter to Colonel Imre Reviczky   66–67
List of Jewish community leaders 1869–1931   78–83
Golden Album of Jewish–Hungarian war veterans (from WWI)   84–99
Yizkor–family commemorations (approximately 1200)   100–183
My vow, which I did not keep; written by Mose Neufeld   184–185
Souls, salvation of our souls; written by Miklos Kalmar   186
Tiferet Bachurim–Glorious youth, written by Abraham (Bucsi) Rosenberg   186
Why? written by Mrs. Anna Molnar, nee Hegedus   187–189
My memories of Satu Mare, written by Jeno Farkas   189
Satu Mare memorial book, written by Dr. Mendi Davidovits, z”l   190–191
The cheder of Satu Mare   191
Purim in Satu Mare   192
I remember, I remember Satu Mare well, written by Jehuda Fried   193
Zionism   194–196
20 Eötvös Street; written by Jichak Pollak   196–197
Marcell Berger's comrade   197
Zionism (sequel)   198–203
Protest of the Jews of Satu Mare against the Palestinian massacres   204
Sports life in Satu Mare, written by Zoltan Ferber   205
Uncle Stern remained hungry   206
The disappearance of the photos of the memorial ceremony held in Satu Mare in May, 1946   207
About the Jews of Satu Mare, written by Naftali Stark   208
The struggle of progressive Jewry in Satu Mare against anti–Semitism   209
Jewish life in Satu Mare after the Holocaust   216–212
Rectification   212
Business advertisements and commercials   213–233
The author of the Memorial Book would like to thank the members of the Memorial Book committee   234–235
Satu Mare list of people who prepaid for an edition of the Memorial Book   236–237
Closing remarks by the author   238
Necrology extracted from “Family memories”


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