Book in the Holy Memory of the Bielsk Podliask Jews
Whose Lives Were Taken During
the Holocaust Between 1939 and 1944

(Bielsk-Podlaski, Poland)

52°46' / 23°12'

Translation of Bielsk-Podlaski; Sefer Zikaron

Edited by: H. Rabin, Bielsk Societies in Israel and the US.

Published in Tel Aviv, 1975

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Project Coordinator

Andrew Blumberg


Our sincere appreciation to Avraham Gvirz,
the last chairman of the former Bielsk Society in Israel,
for permission to publish this material.

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem for the submission
of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.


This is a translation from: Bielsk-Podlaski; Sefer Zikaron;
( Bielsk-Podliask; Book in the Holy Memory of the Bielsk Podliask Jews
Whose Lives Were Taken During the Holocaust Between 1939 and 1944)
ed. H. Rabin, Tel Aviv, Bielsk Societies in Israel and the U.S., 1975 (H,Y,E)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Bielsk Podlaski

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English Section

Page Section Title Author
Cover Page
3 Bielsk Podliasks in the Sources and the Book of Bielsk: An Historical Survey H. Rabin
3     I.     Antiquity of the Jewish Settlement of Bielsk
4     II.    Business, Economy and Society in old Bielsk
7     III.   The Continuity of Jewish Settlement in Bielsk
9     IV.    A Case of Blood Libel in Bielsk
10     V.     Bielsk in the Book of Bielsk
11     VI.    Image of a Society
12     VII.   Kehila and Rabbinate
13     VIII.  Opinions Views and Ideological Movements
19 Encyclopedia Povshekhna (vol. III) Angelbrand (1860)
20 Slovnik Geographichny P. Solimerski, B. Halivoski,
W. Wolovski (Warsaw, 1880)
21 Bolshaia Encyclopedia (III, IV) (1901)
22 Jevreyskaia Encyclopedia Dr. Katzenelson. Dr Harkavi
23 Historia Yivreiska Naroda (Vol. I 1914) - The Blood Libel In Bielsk
24 Encyclopedia Judaica (German) Vol IV W. Schneider sed. (Berlin, 1929)
25 History of the Jewish economy Dr. Y. Shiper (1929)
26 Vielka Encyclopedia Povshekhna (Warsaw, 1965)
27 In the Bielsk ghetto & the camps Meir Peker
40 Shabbot in a small town in Russia - Before the First World War I. Semiat
Yiddish Section

Translated by Mindle Crystel Gross

Page Section Title Author
331 My Bielsk on Shabes Itskhak Semiat
339 My Dear Bielsk Yerukhim Kleszczelski
344 Community Life in Bielsk Zvi Kadlabovski
363 Victims of the Communist Ideas Khava Kestin
371 Once There Was... (poem) Itskhak Crystel
373 A Little Bielsk Legend Z. Kadlabovski
374 Bielsk 50 Years Ago B. Shtern (Stern?)
380 My Town (poem) D. Crystel
381 List of Bielsk Revolutionaries  
Death and Horror
385 Glimpses of the Catastrophe Leyzer Davidovitch
409 I Was Once One of Them Fayvl Shpiro (Spiro?)
416 From Bielsk Ghetto to Auchwitz Mikhal Davidovitch
433 A City Destroyed (poem) A. Lev
434 Bielsk Under Soviet Rule Rivka Littman-Pelner
438 Write a Book/Remember Motl Levkovski
443 To Mr. Sukenik (letter) Frantsishka Katashevska
445 We Will Not Forget the Bielsk That Was Destroyed Khona Tikotski
448 In Bielsk After the Destruction Kh. Tikotski
449 The Last Jews in Bielsk Sh. L. Shnayderman
Institutions in Bielsk
455 Aid Institutions Z. Kadlabovski
458 Loan Organizations Sh. Y. Stupnitski
462 Synagogues, Sextons and Trustees Moyshe Alpert
466 Banks, Commerce and Democracy Z. Kadlabovski
469 The Jewish School in Bielsk Libe Utzyski
473 The Jewish School A Second Home R. Littman-Pelner
479 Disputes with Rabbis B. Shtern (Stern?)
484 Like Children to Their Mother L. Utzyski
488 A Call for Help from the Bielsk Yeshiva (article)  
491 N.M. Sirkin Aaron Shtaynberg
493 Sh. Y. Stupnitski Aaron Shtaynberg
497 Yosl Katz from Lerer Yizkor Book
500 Moyshe Jaungerman Libe Utzyski
504 Three Heroes of Bielsk Wolf Yunin
509 Yosef Levortovski Sh. Zakhariash
517 My Six Girlfriends Rivka Littman
Bielsker Relief in America
523 Response from America After the Holocaust A. Samuels
526 A Letter to Y. Kleszczelski Eliyahu Samuels
528 Report  
533 ??  
535 These are the holy names of Bielsk Podlaski  


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