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Project: Biographical Name Lists, Kharkov Province

Project Information

Coordinator:Bena Shklyanoy
Status:In progress
Description:Translate name entries in the 'Encyclopedia of Names, Kharkov Province' and prepare for posting in the JewishGen Ukraine Database and the Ukraine SIG Master Name Index. The dataset has 379 biographical entries for Jews. These entries mention 93 different town names, 70 of which are covered by Ukraine SIG. The dataset has been submitted to the JewishGen Ukraine Database (JGUD). Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet. Click here to download the document that describes the dataset. Go to the JewishGen Ukraine Database (JGUD) to search for specific data.
Web address of the Project:Go to the project Home Page
Geographic Area(s):Kharkov (Province)

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Biographical Names Collection, Kharkov EncyclopediaKharkov (Province)Name Lists, BiographicalUkraine SIG Website, Downloadable Files


Extract DataBena ShklyanoyFinishedExtract Jewish entries from larger dataset.
Translation from CyrillicRon DoctorFinishedFour translators are working on identification of Jewish entries in the Encyclopedia and translation of each Jewish entry from Russian to English. Entries for letters [А], [Б], [В], [К], [Л], [М], [Н], [О], [П], [Р], [С], [Т], [У], [Ф], [Х], [Ц], [Ч], and [Ш] are complete (222 entries)
Dataset, Submit database to JGRon DoctorFinishedDataset submitted to JG on evening of 18 September 2012.
Dataset, Create & submit index for MNIRon DoctorPendingReview standardization of town names. Extract columns from master spreadsheet for the MNI.
Dataset, Merge records into SIG Master spreadsheetRon DoctorNot Yet Started
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