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Geographic AreaTitleTypeAuthorView
General UkraineThe Cooks: Bella TEPLITZKY NUSSBAUM PeopleDaniel Nussbaum II
General UkraineThe Cooks: Sophia/Sheva (GUREVICH) AISINPeopleEliana Aizim
General UkraineThe Cooks: The Nerenberg ladiesPeopleFlorence Nerenberg Elman
Poltava (Province)The Cooks: Yunia and Regina SovietovPeopleLena Yelkova
Dubno (Town)The Cooks: Malka EISENGART KOMISARUKPeopleToby Glickman
Polonnoye (Town)The Cooks: Rose Rozmarin KramerPeopleFreya (Blitstein) Maslov

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