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Jewish Records in the Family History Library Catalog

About this database

This database, "Jewish Records in the Family History Library Catalog", is an inventory of the microfilms, microfiche, and books in the Family History Library Catalog™ (FHLC) which are specifically Jewish genealogical sources. This database is a valuable finding aid, but is not intended to be a replacement for the FHLC. You can consult the complete FHLC at

The purpose of this database is to familiarize you with the materials available for research and to maximize your ability to use the resources of the LDS Family History Library for researching your Jewish ancestry.

Please note that this database includes only those records in the FHLC that are specific to Jewish people. Records that pertain to the general population, such as census, vital records, probate, naturalization, passenger records, court records, gazetteers, and civil registration are not included in this database, even though Jewish people are included in them as part of the general population. It is very important that you use the FHLC to search for records that are not specifically Jewish but which cover the general population. Such records are of great value for Jewish research. Also it is important to note that entries pertaining to Jewish people are found in many other types of records such as church records, cemeteries, hospitals, newspapers, obituaries, local histories, etc. which are not included in this database.

This database is not a surname index. For information on books, microfiche, or microfilms available for specific surnames, you can search the FHLC under "surnames". Very few family histories are included in this database.

This database does not contain information about individuals. It does not include individual birth, marriage, or death records, or any other records pertaining to any individual. This database is an inventory of selected books, microfiche and microfilm available at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and through Family History Centers.

The Family History Library Catalog (FHLC)

The Family History Library Catalog™ (FHLC) describes all the records available at the LDS Family History Library, and provides a full description of the records along with their corresponding microfilm, microfiche or book catalog numbers. The FHLC is available in several forms:

Viewing the microfilms

If you visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, you can use these records at no charge. It is advisable to determine which records you plan to use before you come to Salt Lake. In the "view film notes" screen of the FHLC there is a column titled "Location" which indicates whether a particular microfilm is at the library or stored offsite at the Vault. If the film you plan to use is marked "Vault", you can request that a copy of the "Vault" film be ordered and placed in the library before you come. Send the library a list of the "Vault" microfilm numbers. State that these are microfilms that you plan to use during your visit and include your name and when you will arrive. For each microfilm number, also indicate the country it pertains to. You can e-mail your list to, or fax it to (801) 240-1584. When you arrive, ask the Library Attendant where the "Vault" films you ordered have been placed.

You can also order and use copies of most microfilm and microfiche records at a local Family History Center, for a small handling fee. There are over 3,500 Family History Centers located throughout the world. To locate a Family History Center (FHC) near you, check

Searching the database

This database is based on a series of key word searches of the FHLC. As you search this database, be creative. Search for both the English and foreign words. Use word combinations and localities to find the materials you want. Be imaginative in selecting your search words. Become familiar with the catalog terms. You can search using English or Foreign words or a combination of both. Combine words with similar meanings. Use alternate words that have the same meaning.

Each record in this database consists of the following fields:

  • TITLE:
    This is the title of the record, as it is listed in the Family History Library Catalog.

    This field gives you the English description of the record and/or a translation of the title.

    This field lists the language(s) in which the records are written.

    This field refers to the locality and/or subject heading as used in the Family History Library Catalog. The localities are presented in order of jurisdiction, from largest to smallest, e.g. Country, then Province, then Town. (In the USA and Canada, the jurisdictions are State/Province, then County, then Town).

    This is the call number, as used in the Family History Library.

    MICROFILM and MICROFICHE: You will need this number to use these microfilms or microfiche at the main library in Salt Lake City, or to order them at a local Family History Center. For some entries, there are many microfiche or rolls of microfilm. In some cases this database gives only the range of microfilm or fiche numbers (the first and last number in the set). You can get the detailed, complete listing of microfilm numbers from the FHLC.

    BOOKS: You can use the books listed in this database only at the main library in Salt Lake City. The call numbers will make it possible for you to find these books on the shelves of the Family History Library. If the book is not available on microfilm or microfiche, you can try to order a copy from some local library through Interlibrary Loan.

    The call numbers in the database are hyperlinked to the online FHLC at the LDS website By clicking on the call number, you can see the full original FHLC catalog entry.



This database includes extracts of Jewish-specific entries in the internal catalog-accessible version of the Family History Library Catalog through February 1, 2001.


This database does not include the authors of books, nor any publication information (publisher name, publication date, publication place) for any book. You can find this information only in the FHLC.


The FHLC lists multiple locations when the name of the town changed due to its inclusion in more than one country. In the database as provided to JewishGen, the record has been duplicated for each country listed in the catalog entry. JewishGen has attempted to eliminate some these duplications, but many remain. Thus for each search, the number of hits may list the same record more than once.


Many of the materials microfilmed by the Family History Library are subject to restrictions. Before copying, indexing or distributing the information in the microfilms, microfiche or books, please check the Family History Library Catalog for any specific restrictions. Also, please respect any copyright restrictions with regard to the information contained in these records.

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