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GeneralThe Myth of No Return: Jewish Return. Migration to Eastern Europe 1881-1914 Historical ArticlesJonathan Sarna
 The Myth of No Return: Jewish Return
Migration to Eastern Europe, 1881-1914
Jonathan 0. Sarna

GeneralDiscussion about a confusion in territory names: Moldova, Moldavia and BessarabiaHistorical ArticlesYefim Kogan
GeneralGovernments and flags in Bessarabia from 14 century to 21 centuryHistorical ArticlesYefim Kogan
GeneralMoldova: A Borderland's Fluid HistoryHistorical ArticlesDiana Dumitru and Petru Negura 
Bessarabia (Province)Towns in Bessarabia and in neighboring regions for 200 yearsHistorical ArticlesYefim Kogan
 The set of towns / countries in Bessarabia and near by area for 200 years

Towns and Countries in Bessarabia and near by for 200 years

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External Links

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GeneralGeneral Bessarabia History - StateMaster Encyclopedia:Bessarabia.General History
General'Shatterzone of Empires: Coexistence and Violence in the German, Habsburg, Russian, and Ottoman Borderlands'General History
 Editors Omer Bartov and Eric D. Weitz
GeneralBook. Bessarabia 'Russia and Roumania of the Black Sea' by Charles Upson ClarkGeneral History
 Research project of DXARTS/CARTAH, University of Washington
GeneralA Country Study: Moldova, Library of Congress, USA, 1995General History
GeneralBessarabia Governorate - WikipediaGeneral History
GeneralTransnistria, WikipediaGeneral History
GeneralFirst All Russia Census of 1897General History
 First All Russia Census of 1897, book is in Russian included all towns with 500+ residents and with number of people of prevailing religions, S.Petersburg, 1905. In Russian.

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