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Translation of
Yad le-Yedinits; sefer zikaron le-yehudei Yedinits-Bessarabia

(Memorial Book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi, Bessarabia)
(Edineţ, Moldova)


Project Leader: Allan Ira Bass
JewishGen Liason/Advisor: Lance Ackerfeld

Project Synopsis

This project has been initiated to continue the goal of finalizing and funding the remainder of The English translation from Yiddish and Hebrew of the Yad le-Yedinits; sefer zikaron le-yehudei Yedinits-Bessarabia. The goal is to provide translations for all the remaining pages. Up to now, a very small portion of some sections and some titles of the Memorial Book have been translated. The complete translated text will be available online in the Yizkor Book Project at

Key Audiences

The audience for this translation is:

  • Descendants of the Jewish community of Yedinitz spread out in the world
  • Everyone interested in researching the whereabouts of their families in Yedinitz and its regions
  • Genealogists, professional researchers, and historians
  • Future generations

Project Importance

Yizkor books are unique sources of information on once vibrant towns, primarily in central and Eastern Europe, whose Jewish populations were destroyed in the Holocaust. Written after World War II by émigrés and Holocaust survivors.

Moreover, the translation will allow us to:

  • Pay respect and memorialize the lost Jewish community of Yedinitz
  • Fight Holocaust denial

Project Description

As funds become available, Yiddish and Hebrew sections will be translated into English by professional translators.

Estimated Cost

A full translation is currently estimated to cost $15,000 USD

JewishGen, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. People will receive a receipt for the donation of the material to JewishGen. The donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We can include a credit with the translation “Donated by… or in Memory of…” to people who donate a minimum of US$250 for a particular article of the book. People donating US$500 and above will be entitled to a complimentary copy when the book is published.


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