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Sefer Lida

(Lida, Belarus)


Project Leader: Irene Newhouse z”l
JewishGen Liason/Advisor: Lance Ackerfeld

Project Name

Sefer Lida (Book of Lida), editors: Alexander Manor, Itzchak Ganusovitch, Aba Lando, Tel-Aviv, Former residents of Lida in Israel and the Committee of Lida Jews in USA, 1970.

Project Synopsis

The goal is to translate into English the remainder of this 438-page book. Nearly all the Yiddish was translated by a volunteer, Roslyn Sherman Greenberg, z”l. Some Hebrew sections are available from donations by individuals who paid for translations of sections of particular interest. The remaining Yiddish totals about ¾ of a page, while the remaining Hebrew totals about 173 pages. The translated text will be added online via links to

Key Audiences

The primary audience is descendants of former Lida Jewish residents. The moderately active Facebook group for such people had 377 members as of early May 2022.

Project Importance

Given the extreme reluctance by former Communist regimes to engage with Holocaust history (in spite of the early effort by the Soviet Extraordinary Commission) these books will, as eye witnesses die, become of increasing importance in preserving Holocaust events & pre-Holocaust life. (Note: the list of victims reported by the Soviet Extraordinary Commission for Lida & that in Sefer Lida differ markedly. The surnames I know to be most common from Revision Lists are under-represented in the Soviet list, but not in the Sefer Lida list. The Soviet list also numbers fewer victims than the corresponding lists for neighboring villages with considerably smaller Jewish populations. I've concluded some Commission members took the job seriously while others resented being pulled away from killing Nazis to do paperwork.)

Project Details

As funds become available, sections will be translated as they appear in the book by a professional translator.

Estimated Cost



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