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Translation of
“The Community of Horodlo”

(Di Kehileh fun Horodlo)


Project Leader: Susan and Shawn Dilles
JewishGen Liason/Advisor: Lance Ackerfeld

Project Synopsis

Translate entire contents of “Di Kehileh fun Horodlo” to English, and post with images (photos, maps etc) as permissions allow. This material will be available to all visitors to the JewishGen website. Once completely translated, the book will also be made available in a print on demand edition from JewishGen. There is an earlier, smaller Hebrew language edition of this book called “Kòehilat Horodlah”. This edition contains one page of text and another 10 pages of poetry not present in the later edition. This material will also be translated and included as a supplement to the translation of “Di Kehileh fun Horodlo”.

Key Audiences

The many descendants or residents from this town and nearby areas in Poland that now reside in English speaking countries, and others who may not have access to the original work.

Project Importance

Over 1000 Jews lived in Horodlo in 1939, and by 1945 the community was completely destroyed there. Former residents that survived, and their relatives that immigrated to Palestine, America, Mexico and elsewhere produced this book documenting Jewish communal life in the town and also the destruction of their community. This is a valuable link in the chain of history and tradition for descendants, and will serve as primary source material for historians to document the Shoah. Translation of this book follows the translation of the Memorial Books of Hrubieszow to the southwest and Ustulug to the south of Horodlo. The Horodlo translation will supplement those earlier translations and help paint a more complete picture of life in this part of Poland.

Project Description

A '.pdf' version of Di Kehileh fun Horodlo from the National Yiddish Book Center and the New York Public Library will be used as the source for translations, and for any images depending on permissions required. Translations of text and captions will be conducted by translators working under 'work for hire' agreements. All translations will be reviewed by the Project Coordinator and sent to JewishGen for posting online. High resolution scans will be made of images from an original copy of the book for posting online.


Permissions are being investigated and will be determined before any original material is posted online or published.

Estimated Cost



Translation begins approximately 1 December 2022 and will continue as funds become available. The Project Coordinator has identified a donation of $1,800 to begin the translation.


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