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Starokonstantinov, Ukraine:
Birth Records 1866 1916

Project Leader: Barry Chernick
Ukraine SIG Coordinator: Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Liason/Advisor: Avraham Groll

Project Synopsis

Starokonstantinov was one of the main towns in what was the Volhynia Gubernia during the 19th and early 20th century. The Starokonstantinov Jewish population was estimated to be 9,212 in 1900, and 16,000 just prior to the 1917 Russian revolution. The Jewish community birth records we are going to translate will include people living in Starokonstantinov and surrounding towns, not only official residents, but people who migrated there from other areas. The birth records will be for a population larger than the population of Starokonstantinov alone.

The records cover the years 1866-1916. Between 1866 and 1877 there are relatively few records with several years missing. From 1878 to 1916 the only years that seem to be missing are 1879, 1883 and 1889. The estimate is that there are about 14,000 individual birth records.

Key Audience

The key audience for this project are people whose ancestors were born in and around Starokonstantinov during this time period (1866-1916), and anyone with an interest in the Jewish history of the Starokonstantinov area patterns of population growth and migration.

Project Importance

There are relatively few records available from this time period for the Starokonstantinov area. Birth records are a treasure trove of information about our families. If you are fortunate enough to find a birth record for a family member the record will give you the town of registration for your family. This will help focus your research.The material we hope to obtain is not currently available online, and can only be accessed by traveling to various locations or hiring a researcher to do so. Easier access to the data helps researchers throughout the world, particuarly those whose familes were displaced and decimated during the Holocaust.

Project Description

We will begin work on the project as soon as we have begun to raise funds. Datasets of the translations will be created, and the new datasets will be integrated into the JewishGen Ukraine Database.

For donors of $100 or more we will make available the spreadsheets when they are completed for each year. The spreadsheets will be made available before they appear in the JewishGen Ukraine Database.Translations of pertinent records might also be posted on appropriate KehilaLink webpages.

Estimated Cost

We estimate that it will cost approximately $13,000.00 (USD) for the data collection and translation of the records (this will depend on the condition of the material acquired). Any unspent funds will be used to acquire and translate other records from this area and/or other Ukraine SIG projects.


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