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Rovno Uezd Region:
Jewish Records Project

Project Leader: David R. Brill Rachel S. Goodman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator: Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Liason/Advisor: Avraham Groll

Project Synopsis

The JewishGen Ukraine SIG has acquired digital images of documents contained on 5 reels of microfilm held at the Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) in Jerusalem relating to Ukraine and its Jewish populations in the 19th century. The original documents are from the State Archives of Rivne Oblast, part of the State Archival Service of Ukraine, and include revision lists (revizskie skazki) for 1811, 1816-28, 1850-52 and 1858-74 (Fond 27, Opis 3, Delo 17, 43, 57, 81-82). Specifically, this project will focus on 6,537 images of records from several towns of the former Rovno uezd (district) included on the microfilm reels. These towns are Tuchin {-1056828}, Horynhrad (Goryngrad, Kripa) {-1039533}, Rivne (Rovno, the district capital) {-1052247}, and Dubrovitsa {-1038302}. Records relating to other towns of the Rovno uezd are expected to be identified in the documents in the course of translation.

In addition to the Russian-language revision lists, these microfilm reels also contain Polish language lists of taxpayers from 1932 for the town of Korets {-1042840} (Korzec in Polish), which was part of the Równe powiat in interwar Poland. These records also will be translated and indexed under this project.

Key Audience

People whose ancestors lived in these towns are the key audience for this project.

Project Importance

The 19th century revision lists (revizskie skazki) are among the scarce surviving resources for Jewish genealogical research in the former shtetls of Tuchin and Horynhrad (Kripa). In particular, no copies of metrical books are known to exist in archives, so the revision lists are often the only confirmation available that an ancestor lived in these places. The value of such a unique resource is obviously very high, particularly since the lists span a large part of the 19th century, and can therefore be used to trace the development of families. Copies of the lists exist on microfilm at CAHJP, but have never been indexed or translated into English. The opportunity to translate these records and make them searchable will be highly beneficial to all researchers with Jewish ancestry in the Rovno uezd (district), to which Tuchin belonged. In addition, researchers may be able to discover previously unknown connections to other nearby Jewish communities in the Rovno uezd.

Project Description

This project will fund translation of original documents from the State Archives of Rivne Oblast, from digital images of those documents obtained from CAHJP. Professional and volunteer researchers will translate the documents, working from the digital images provided. Based on the contents of the images reviewed so far, both Russian-language and Polish-language translators will be needed. Russian translators should be experienced in reading pre-revolutionary handwritten documents. Datasets of the translations will be created, and the new datasets will be integrated into the JewishGen Ukraine Database, and appropriate KehilaLinks websites.

Throughout the course of the project, completed spreadsheets will be made available to donors who contribute $100 or more to this project. At the same time, completed translations may be posted on the Tuchin KehilaLinks webpage and other relevant KehilaLinks pages.

Images of the original documents from this scanning project are not available through JewishGen and can be obtained through the State Archives of Rivne Oblast and the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People.

Estimated Cost

We estimate that it will cost $26,150 to complete this project. Any funds still remaining at the completion of this translation project will be used to fund additional Rovno uezd projects and to acquire Rivne area records from archives in Ukraine.


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