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Bobrovy Kut:
Vital Records Project

Project Leader: Jonathon Podolsky
Ukraine SIG Coordinator: Dr. Janette Silverman
JewishGen Director: Avraham Groll

Project Synopsis

The JewishGen Ukraine SIG is aware of vital records for Bobrovy Kut, Ukraine that has been microfilmed and are located at the The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem (CAHJP). There are a total of 197 pages of records, including:

  • 1860 22 pages (birth, marriage, death)
  • 1861 27 pages (birth, marriage, death)
  • 1862 28 pages (birth, marriage, death)
  • 1863 26 pages (birth, marriage, death)
  • 1854 27 pages (birth, marriage, death)
  • 1857 40 pages (birth, marriage, death)
  • 1858 10 pages (birth, death)
  • 1859 17 pages (birth, marriage)
Adding the information to the JewishGen Ukraine Database will be a multistep project, involving the work of many people who will:
  • translate the high resolution digital files
  • place the information on specific format spreadsheets
  • proof the spreadsheets
  • process them for eventual upload to the JewishGen Ukraine Database.
Images of the original documents from this scanning project are not available through JewishGen.

Key Audience

The key audience for this project is anyone with an interest in the history of Bobrovy Kut, Ukraine.

Project Importance

For many of us, these particular records have the potential to give us insight and information into our families that isn't available elsewhere. Bobrovy Kut was an agricultural colony in Tsarist Russia. During WWII, almost all the Jews of the town were forced to jump into a huge well and drowned. However there are descendants of people who had lived in the town, whether it's people who left the town before the massacre and then had children, or possibly a few Jews who lived there but escaped the massacre. Unfortunately, even though these records have been microfilmed, usage of these records requires traveling to Israel or Ukraine, and possibly paying a translator or archival expert to access the files. It might require the ability to read Cyrillic or in some cases Hebrew which is beyond the capabilities of many. This project will be a significant help in preserving and providing access to what has survived of Bobrovy Kut's records by providing all with the ability to search these records via an online database, thus avoiding what is at this moment in time a daunting task for most researchers.

Project Description

We will begin work on the project as soon as we have begun to raise funds.

Throughout the course of the project, completed spreadsheets will be made available to donors who contribute $100 or more. At the same time, translations of records might also be posted on relevant KehilaLink webpages.

Estimated Cost

We estimate that it will cost $1000 to complete this project. Any funds still remaining at the completion of this translation project will be used to fund additional Bobrovy Kut projects or to acquire Bobrovy Kut records from archives in Ukraine.


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