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Research Dedications (01/28/16 - 02/05/16)

  • 1/28/16: By John Anderson, in memory of his mother, Caryl Dannenberg Anderson, z'l, on the 25th anniversary of her death, January 28, 1991.

  • 1/30/16: By Robinn Magid and Family, in memory of Rykla Ruchla KLAWIR CYGIELMAN whose name Robinn carries, and who died in the Lublin Ghetto 74 years ago on this day. May her memory be for a blessing.

  • 2/1/16: By Benjamin Witkin Milder, in memory of Matilda Mendelson Witkin and Hilda Schachter Milder.

  • 2/3/16: By Natalie Hamburg, in memory of a dedicated JewishGenner, Dr. Marv Hamburg, z'l, of JGSPBCI.

  • 2/5/2016: By Judy Vasos and Tony Baczewski, in memory of Tony's grandparents, Hugo and Clemy Mosbacher who were murdered at Auschwitz on February 5, 1943.

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