Our Shtetl
Vysotsk memorial book

(Vysotsk, Ukraine)

51°44' / 26°39'

Translation of
Ayaratenu Visotsk; sefer zikaron

Edited by: Arie Fialkov

Published in Haifa, 1963



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This is a translation from: Ayaratenu Visotsk; sefer zikaron, Our Shtetl; Vysotsk memorial book,
ed. Arie Fialkov, Haifa, Association of former residents of Visotsk in Israel, 1963 (H,Y)

Note: This translation can also be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Vysotsk (2014)

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Translator's Foreword
Preface Editorial Committee 3
Concerning the History of Vysotsk 5-11
Vysotsk in changing times Arie Fialkov 5
The shtetl in earlier times from Polish Geographical Dictionary 7
Vysotsk in 1901 Bonam Abelson 9
The Shtetl in its Life and Work (1910-1939) 11-89
Our shtetl Zehava Shtoper-Zamir 11
Jews of Vysotsk Chaim Ayznberg 13
The First Days of Awakening Shlomo Rabinovych 16
During the Pogroms Dov Tkach 20
Vysotsk, the Town of my Youth Israel Gutman 21
A Word about Chadorim and Melamdim Dov Tkach 41
Education in Polish Volyn Shmuel Rozenkhek 42
The Tarbut school in the shtetl Yaffa Geklman-Anavi 44
Karlin-Stolin Chassidism Dr Ze'ev Rabinovych 48
Ya Ekhsof Sabbath song 51
The visit of the rebbe in the shtetl Chava Ayznberg 52
The Admor dynasty of Brezne Reb Aaron Pechnik 53
The rebbe from Brezne Bella Lieberman-Smokat 55
For me those times were… Arie Fialkov 56
My shtetl Leake Lopatyn-Cohen 78
On the banks of the Horyn Chava Shpigl 79
On the occasion of my aliyah Sara Petrukh-Moravnyk 81
This is how they were Ze’ev Urman 83
People in the shtetl Mordekhai Lopata 87
A few memories Chava Ayznberg 89
How it was laid waste 90-138
From ‘The Song of the Murdered Jewish People’ I.Kacenelson 90
‘How?’ Yehoshua Rabinov 91
The Destruction of Vysotsk Ze’ev Yoniel Yakhnyuk) 92
In the Shoah and the struggle for life Nisan Borovyk 100
History of the Vysotsk Ghetto Ze’ev Shapir 111
In Destruction and Anguish Gitl Fialkov 119
In Memory of our Families 139-197
In their memory Rivka Nafkhan-Dan 139
My father’s house Mina Zolyar-Rotberg 148
A memorial candle to my family Lea’ke Lopatyn-Cohen 151
Father and Mother Dina Tkach-Ilan 154
Our family in the shtetl Lea Kortach-Baharav 157
At home and in the shtetl Rivka Fialkov 160
A memorial to my ancestral home Israel and Zalman Gutman 163
Memories of Father’s house Shifra Shabtai-Efory 165
Shokhet, the teacher Dina Tkach-Ilan 167
Grandfather’s house Rivka Petrukh-Lykhtigshteyn 169
Father's house Rivka Petrukh-Lykhtigshteyn 170
In memory of one branch of the ‘Nisalekh’ family M. Lopata 172
In memory of my father’s home Chaim Abelson 173
In memory of the oldest family of rabbis Mordekhai Lopata 174
In memory of Chava and Yoyne Borovyk Rivka Borovyk-Iger 175
In memory of the family of Yakov Feldman E.and Ch.Feldman 176
In memory of the family of B. Shnayder P. Shnayder-Feffer 179
In memory of Mother Reuven Treger 180
Yona Asher Borovyk Sara Borovyk-Tasher 181
The family of Chaim and Chana Khaznchuk Avraham Khaznchuk 182
Reb Nisn son of Meir Lopata 183
In memory of Father Avraham Khaznchuk 184
In memory of the Reznik family Rivka Nafkhan-Dan 185
In memory of the Fikman family Genya Shibak-Fikman 187
About the Vysotsk community that is no more Bat Lea 190
Our family in Milyach Eliezer Perlshteyn 195
Let Us Remember
Victims of the slaughter in Vysotsk and the surrounding area 198
Residents of Ozery who perished 202
Names of people from Vysotsk who settled in Israel 203
Glossary 207


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